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Meet Darren Cross of CROSS TECHNOLOGIES... plus a WHIH Special Report

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At CROSS TECHNOLOGIES, "Big Things Come from Small Beginnings," and on July 17th the future of warfare will arrive. CEO Darren Cross recently announced through corporate communications that the company will introduce "The Yellowjacket," the "ultimate secret weapon" that posits the idea of a soldier the size of an insect. Intrigued? You can view the announcement message from Mr. Cross in the embedded video player below.

Additionally, THE ROCK FATHER Magazine has learned that the next episode of WHIH NEWSFRONT with Christine Everhart will be an all-new special in which they will examine the fallout from the most recent conflict involving THE AVENGERS, and what long-term repercussions may hold. Additionally, the July 17th release of former VistaCorp employee Scott Lang will be examined as he re-enters the world following his prison stay, part of sentencing for the cybercrimes committed against his former employer.

Stay tuned for more developments as they roll in...

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