No job is too big...No pup is too small, and now the pups of Adventure Bay have a new mission! PAW Patrol has teamed-up with Canine Companions for Independence®, a non-profit organization that enhances the lives of people with disabilities with highly trained assistance dogs. Together they'll be raising awareness and funds for placing specially-trained assistance dogs with the people who need them. Check out the new PSA below!

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If your house is anything like ours, then PAW Patrol is probably a huge deal. The tales of Ryder and the Pups saving the day in Adventure Bay have become legendary, with a symbiotic relationship between the Nick Jr. TV series and the expansive (and growing) line of toys from Spin Master. In fact, I think that the PAW Patrol line of figures, vehicles and playsets is one of the best toy lines of the past decade. In the summer of 2015, during my last visit to The Step2 Company's Ohio headquarters as a Brand Ambassador, I sat-in on a meeting in which some third-party licenses were presented as potential new toys - a few of which already had some hand-drawn mock-ups. One of them was PAW Patrol. Now, over a year later, the Step2 PAW Patrol Lookout Climber is a reality - released as a Toys "R" Us Exclusive for the fall of 2016, and an early pick for my 2016 Holiday Wish Guide!

From the response that I've received from my 2016 PAW Patrol Toy Fair Preview, I know just how much all of you love the residents of Adventure Bay (it's A LOT). As we roll into the 2016 Holiday Toy Season, the big event for Spin Master's PAW Patrol is the September 16th debut of "Tracker Joins the Pups!," a special one-hour PAW Patrol event on Nickelodeon - one backed by a full line of new toys, most of which were previewed here. While the new assortment of JUNGLE RESCUE toys is expansive, there's also the new ROLL PATROL collection and the much-anticipated ZOOMER MARSHALL... but that's not all.  ZOOMER SKYE and ZOOMER EVEREST are coming to stores as retail exclusives, and the limited-edition JUNGLE PATROLLER is rolling into Sam's Club locations as we speak. 

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UNBOXED: Tech4Kids' Mash'ems & Fash'ems

The whole "blind" craze is a double-edged sword for me. On one hand, the kids love their blind bags, blind boxes, mystery eggs and capsules. On the other hand, I don't like duplication... and when you're buying blind, that can happen. As my wife is quick to note, that's really the point - get duplicates, and trade with friends... just as I did with baseball and trading cards back in the day. Really, The Rock Daughters love blind bags, the most popular of which here have been Playmobil and Fisher-Price Imaginext figures. But there's others... countless others, so it's interesting when we see something different like the new line of MASH'EMS and FASH'EMS from the folks at Tech4Kids. They're mashable, squishy, stretchy little characters based on numerous pop culture licenses, and for our first batch we received eight of them - two each from MY LITTLE PONY: FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC, PAW Patrol, Disney•Pixar and DC Comics.  We jumped on YouTube and cracked them open for a fresh episode of UNBOXED...

Toy FairUPDATE: Check THIS out! The PAW Patrol Lookout Climber!

Spin Master has really done a fantastic job with their PAW Patrol line, building out a world around the hit Nick Jr. series, and releasing some really great toys to support it. Undoubtedly one of the big favorites here at Rock Father HQ, the PAW Patrol toys are not just appreciated by The Rock Daughters, but by yours truly as well. They're well-made, fun, and there's just a spirit of adventure built into them. With the recent AIR RESCUE episode helping to launch a small sub-line this past month (Finley keeps asking for the Air Patroller), Spin Master entered the North American International Toy Fair armed with a full portfolio of new toys - figures, vehicles and playsets - along with some new offerings that support some different play patterns. What adventures lie ahead in 2016? PAW Patrol is going Medieval at some point, but they're also having a Jungle Adventure, with a new pup named Tracker joining the crew, along with his human friend, Carlos. Let's take a peek...

As it was once written: "For centuries, the Legend of Santa Claus has evolved. From Saint Nicholas to Kris Kringle, Father Christmas to simply, Santa - this mysterious giver has taken many forms, appearing throughout the world under countless names to delight and inspire families by doing for others each and every holiday season. For many, the spirit of “Claus” is held within, a shining light that burns with the desire to do for others, particularly for those less fortunate."

When I became "The Rock Father" upon the birth of our first daughter back in 2009, I had no idea where the road of parenthood would lead. Eventually it became clear that my path is branching, and just as becoming a parent led to the birth of this digital magazine - this site led to the opportunity to do more. My job has allowed me to do some good our local community, and last year the opportunity arose to partner with General Motors and OnStar to hit the road to do some "Black Friday Shopping for Good" - the end result of which provided gifts for 37 children across 15 families right here in our township. Regardless of sponsorship, I made a decision that we'd do it again this year - and bigger, if possible. The Rock Daughters and I began amassing gifts in our garage, and as the holiday season began, we started ramping up a bit. Then, I'm happy to say that we partnered with Chevrolet and OnStar once more, and for 2015 #ChevyShopsForGood!

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