Saturday, December 12 2015 20:09

Holiday Wish Guide: Candy Craft Chocolate Pen

One of the items that's popping up on year-end "Best-of" lists and "Gift Guides" around the web is the Candy Craft Chocolate Pen by Skyrocket Toys.  Wouldn't you know... it's on my 2015 Holiday Wish Guide here at THE ROCK FATHER Magazine, too! Perfect for "Little Foodies," we've had a Chocolate Pen here at Rock Father HQ for a few months now, and it's a fun novelty - not perfect - but something that kids love.

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Much talked-about, curious, and even "controversial," Drones are some of the hottest items for the 2015 Holiday Season. Whether you consider the consumer grade to be Quadcopters, Drones, or simply radio-controlled toys, there's a lot of fun to be had in this category, and the folks at Skyrocket Toys are leading the charge with their Sky Viper Drones. The latest series was announced in the spring and is hitting stores right now, with the v950HD Video Drone topping the "must have" lists this season, and securing a spot in my own 2015 Holiday Wish Guide here at THE ROCK FATHER Magazine. What makes this Drone worth checking out? Check out some hands-on video below, along with my full review...

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When it comes to Summer Movies, the one leading the charge on the family front is MINIONS, according to a recent Fandango Family poll. The loveable villains from the world of DESPICABLE ME will be back in theaters on July 10th thanks to Universal Pictures and Illumination Entertainment, and if you've visited your local toy departments, you may have noticed that the aisles are already starting to look a little more yellow. With a hot movie comes a hot license, and MINIONS is no exception - with the folks at Skyrocket Toys serving-up some interesting items that are really well-placed for outdoor, summertime play. The Rock Daughters recently received a "Mystery Box" containing four items from the new collection, and I let them do a short episode of UNBOXED to capture their reactions as they took a peek at each for the very first time...

Last month, Skyrocket Toys made a big splash at New York Toy Fair when they dropped the curtain on their latest trio of drones from their award-winning line of Sky Viper Drones. Offering "hobby-level performance at unprecedented mass market pricing and availability," the new collection really caught my own interest due to their new HD video Drone. Sky Viper Drones were created using customized software and designs, and the new 3rd generation models will "feature extreme performance capabilities, exciting one-touch stunts, 6-axis digital stabilization, new impact-resistant uni-body designs, and variable modes of flight sensitivity." Amazon might not be able to bring a drone to my neighborhood this year, but Skyrocket Toys just might this summer. Take a look at the new lineup...

If there's one thing that all parents (or anyone that's been around kids) can agree on, it's that kids love bubbles. It doesn't matter if it's from a simple container or an elaborate blaster, the appeal of bubbles is just universally accepted... but bubbles blasting from your bike? The concept alone is worthy of a mind-blowing response from the little ones, so when the crew over at Skyrocket Toys asked us to take a look at their new FUZE Bike Bubbler, the power of the bubbles was impossible to resist.