Vacationing is one of the greatest aspects of adulting. After working tirelessly for months at a time, spending a week or a long weekend at a tropical paradise can be just what someone needs to replenish and relax. However, for a variety of reasons, millennials aren't using their vacation days as much as other generations, leaving an estimated $1.3 trillion worth of wasted vacation on the table each year.

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Last summer, my wife and I loaded up the car and took The Rock Daughters on a 1,900+ mile road trip - our first true family vacation. We headed east from Illinois, making our way to Philadelphia at our farthest point. Over the course of six days, we would visit Sesame Place, The Crayola Experience, Hershey's Chocolate World, The J.M. Smucker Company Store & Cafe... and about 15 different rest stops along the way. And, because we did stop in Philly, I also tossed my taste buds in the ring for a round of cheese steak sampling with Pat's and Geno's (the battle rages on!). For 2015, we're doing it again, but I'm not telling you where we're headed just yet. The journey will be shorter, but the adventures will still be big - especially for the kids. Curious where we're headed? Keep an eye on my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook this week, and follow #RockFatherTour

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Fandango FamilyWith the 2015 Summer Movie Season really heating up in July, I've taken some time as a member of the Fandango Family Digital Network (paid gig, disclosure and all) to take a look at what's coming up in the weeks ahead. From 4,000+ screen blockbusters to indies playing in limited release, there's roughly eighty (yes, 80!) new titles hitting cinema screens over the next month. I'm highlighting eleven of those movies here on THE ROCK FATHER Magazine, calling out a few "Rock Father Picks," Wildcards, and perhaps even... a flop. But that's not all, friends! Fandango and I are giving YOU a chance to score a $100 Fandango Gift Card so that your family can enjoy some movies this summer (at participating theaters). Let's rock...

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