Thursday, September 06 2012 09:56

Deal: DISNEY BABY launches, more savings at Disney Store!

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The folks over at Disney Store just got in touch with The Rock Father to spread the word on a couple new promotions that offer some great savings for parents. To celebrate the launch of their new Disney Baby line, they're offering Free Shipping with any Baby purchase at Disney Store with Promo Code: BABYSHIP. Additionally, they've got $10 Classic Dolls this week.

Wednesday, September 05 2012 17:15

Deal: Special Coupons for Savings on HASBRO GAMES!

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With Fall upon us bringing shorter days and longer nights, the time is ripe for bringing some classic games back into play. That said, the folks at HASBRO GAMES hit The Rock Father with details on some special savings on games including MONOPOLY, SCRABBLE, CLUE, OPERATION, BATTLESHIP, and more! These are printable coupons that can be redeemed at your favorite store through September 9.

Wednesday, August 15 2012 11:06

Two Cool New Gardening Products from Step2...

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The folks over at Step2 just updated their site with New items for the fall, and two new items caught my eye for gardening purposes: the 40-Gallon Rain Barrel and the Garden Cart and Dolly.

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This weekend, my friends over at The Land of Nod are extending a special BUDDY sale to everyone, and that includes all readers of The Rock Father. Click here and use the code "BUDDY" at checkout from now until 11:59pm on Sunday, August 12th for the special savings. 

Tuesday, July 31 2012 16:41

Cool Stuff: LAND OF NOD's Boombox Pillow...

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I recently received an email from The Land of Nod announcing their new Fall collection (I'm really looking forward to Fall) but didn't delve into it until this afternoon. What item caught the eye of The Rock Father? A Boombox throw pillow. Not only is the pillow cool (though they inform you that 'Hall and Oates are not included'), they have coordinating bedding that features something else old-school: cassette tapes.

Monday, July 30 2012 17:28

Rock Father Garden Update: July Harvest

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It's still hot outside. Not as bad as when I posted my last update from The Rock Father Garden, but it's still hitting 90 on a daily basis... and it's still dry. We've finally had some rain, but it's been in monsoon quantities for some very short periods of time. Too much, too fast - not right to make a dent in the incredibly dry earth - cracks in which can be seen running through our once green backyard. Sure, the green is returning, but man is that lawn scorched. We've kept the veggie garden watered, though it's still been tough.

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