I've covered a lot of ground here on THE ROCK FATHER over the years, but I don't think I've ever brought you a review of bread before. It takes something a little bit different to hook me, and DAVE'S KILLER BREAD had the story to pique my interest even before the girls and I tried the product, which is not just very, very good, but excellent. In fact, Dave's Killer Bread (Non-GMO, Organic, Project-Verified Whole Grain) actually accomplished an incredible feat - it's the only "grainy" bread that my girls have ever eaten, and thus far the only one they will eat. But there's a story to go along with this bread - one that will no doubt have a movie hidden within one day...

Holiday 2014If you've recently been inside a retailer that happens to have a toy section, you've probably come across a display for Blip Toys' Disney Princess Palace Pets Magic Dance Pumpkin. Pegged by kids and insiders (guys like me) as one of 2014's Hot Holiday Toys, there's good reason: It's cute, well-built, and the little ones love it. In fact, we've had our Pumpkin for nearly two months already, and she's used daily. Imagine if you will, that Cinderella received an adorable little puppy from Prince Charming as an anniversary gift. That puppy is little Pumpkin, and in this version, she's an interactive, talking, moving, singing radio-controlled pet.

Holiday 2014There's a strange new beast roaming the toy aisles this year... a creature devoid of a body, but one just a mischievous as you'd expect from feline DNA. The Original CAT PAW by Wicked Cool Toys recently started hitting the streets, and if all indications hold as they have been, it just might be this year's strangest stocking stuffer... and one that's heavily requested and in-demand. In fact, with some Toys "R" Us and Kmart stores reportedly selling out of their initial supply already (and yes, it's still October as I type this), now is the time to snag this $9.99 novelty before the season is truly upon us.

Now, perhaps you're thinking to yourself, "Hey Rock Father! Didn't you already feature Halloween Grave Digger?" - and you'd actually be right... but not like this.  Last month, I posted news that Mattel was producing a Hot Wheels Monster Jam Halloween Edition Grave Digger monster truck, limited to a run of "up to 5,000 pieces" to be sold exclusively through Feld Motorsports' website. And, if you were looking closely, you may have even seen Grave Digger make a cameo appearance here, but it's only fitting that this glorious monster truck get a proper feature in 31 Days of Halloween, and what better way to do that than to show him in-action at a pumpkin patch?

Tuesday, October 07 2014 19:35

The HOT WHEELS STAR WARS Series is coming...

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As previously reported, there's a few different collections of STAR WARS HOT WHEELS headed for retail in the near future, and while the interestingly-shaped "character cars" may be the big draw, Walmart stores across the country will soon see STAR WARS-themed rides hitting the pegs (likely a dump bin, actually) sometime between now and Christmas. Following the tradition of exclusive, licensed sets (this past week saw a BATMAN 75th Anniversary collection, along with one based on THE FAST & THE FURIOUS movies hit stores), the HOT WHEELS STAR WARS Series will feature eight cars in deco and packaging representing The Original Trilogy, The Prequel Trilogy, The Clone Wars and the just-launched STAR WARS REBELS. Check out the packages below, as revealed on the HWC site...

I recently spent a year working with Toy State on a limited-time "Test Driver" initiative, and while that program has come to a close, I'm still happy to spread the word about some of their new offerings - many of which become some of the hottest rides in the toy aisles. Today a little bit of news hit the wires as a tease of what's to come from the company as they begin rolling out new vehicles under their ROAD RIPPERS and NIKKO brands - new logos for each. Personally, I'm really interested in where they take NIKKO as they recently acquired it, and my first-ever R/C car was a NIKKO Ferrari back in the 80s.

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