Netflix #StreamTeamOn Friday, December 22, there's a new Netflix Original Series making its debut that's a perfect binge for the holiday break. THE TOYS THAT MADE US is an all-new look at some of the most iconic toy lines of all-time, and they're rolling out the first season with some heavy hitters. While it's not embeddable (yet), a full trailer just launched on Netflix (see it here), and in honor of the release of STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI, a special sneak-preview of the Star Wars episode was released as well (see that below). In fact, amid all that vintage Kenner glory, you just might see a shot of yours-truly when the episode streams this Friday. I provided them with something that may be in there, but that's just a tiny piece of the overall puzzle. From Hasbro's G.I. Joe & Transformers to Mattel's Barbie and He-Man and The Masters of the Universe, there's a lot of history about to be told, with additional season one episodes set to focus on Hello Kitty, Star Trek and LEGO.

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When it comes to Star Trek, I've always been partial to Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the Enterprise on Star Trek: The Next Generation. 2017 marks the 30th Anniversary of that series, but you don't have to travel to the 24th century to get your own Galaxy-class, fifth Federation starship! Thanks to Bif Bang Pow!, you can own the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701-D, available at San Diego Comic-Con International as an all-new Monitor Mate™ - and I've got your first-look courtesy of Entertainment Earth!

For the first time, I will be attending C2E2 in Chicago this year, and one booth on my must-visit list is that of Dark Horse. Some news came in tonight that following the success of 2016’s Star Trek: The Next Generation Adult Coloring Book and Star Trek: The Original Series Adult Coloring Book, Dark Horse will be launching two more volumes for Star Trek fans to enjoy: Star Trek: The Original Series Adult Coloring Book—Where No Man Has Gone Before and Star Trek: The Next Generation Adult Coloring Book—Continuing Missions. Personally, I may have to get the latter, as the phrase "Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra" is now in my head once more...

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AARP might seem a tad older-skewing for many around these parts, but the funny sidebar to that is that my wife started receiving AARP mailers on a frequent basis while we were still in our early 20s. Well, I thought it was funny. Still AARP (once the "American Association for Retired Persons" - another sidenote being I don't think I'll ever "retire," but work until the end) is a familiar name for our Nation's seniors, regularly publishing AARP The Magazine, who today sent me five quotes from Captain James T. Kirk himself, William Shatner. With the STAR TREK franchise celebrating its 50th Anniversary, the original Kirk offered up some takeaways for the August/September issue of the mag, and AARP gave me the signal to fire-up the Warp Drive and share them with all of you...

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Well this is suspicious timing... the first trailer for Paramount Pictures' STAR TREK BEYOND has hit the 'net on the very day that Lucasfilm's STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS will premiere in Los Angeles. There's still that long time STAR WARS vs. STAR TREK thing that's been raging since 1977 (obviously, I'm a 'WARS guy, but have enjoyed 'TREK as well), but now they're forever oddly connected by J.J. Abrams, Director of THE FORCE AWAKENS and the first two STAR TREK movies in the reboot series... and producer of the Justin Lin-directed STAR TREK BEYOND. In other words, the two fandoms are now forever connected. Another connecting piece is possibly THE BEASTIE BOYS, who made an unlikely appearance in the first STAR TREK with "Sabotage" playing on a car stereo, and who are now soundtracking the trailer for 'BEYOND with the very same song. If theories are to be believed, Resistance Pilot Ello Atsy in THE FORCE AWAKENS is named in honor of THE BEASTIES' "Hello Nasty," but the most solid evidence is right there on his helmet - an Aurebesh font that translates into "Born to Ill." So what does all of this mean? We've got a new STAR WARS movie in theaters this week, and a preview of a new STAR TREK yet to come. If you're into either or both, it's a great time to be a fan.

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After acquiring MEGA BLOKS last year following a previous partnership that found iconic Mattel properties such as Barbie and Hot Wheels making their way into block form, Mattel has announced some major moves to expand their construction sets by bringing some major licenses into the world of MEGA BLOKS. From Mattel's own portfolio comes the long-rumored new collection of MONSTER HIGH Building Sets that find the ghoulish guys and gals taking play into a whole different realm. MEGA BLOKS will also issue new sets under their Power Rangers line, with collections based on Saban's POWER RANGERS DINO CHARGE, which just debuted on Nickelodeon this month. While those are cool, the biggest news may be a pair of licenses that they've snagged from others in the growing brick segment...

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