Ahoy, Mateys! Since everyone is talking like a pirate today, I'm highlighting some pirate-based fun here on THE ROCK FATHER! Did you know that PLAYMOBIL has an entire Playmobil Pirates collection? Well, they sure do, and the pinnacle item of that collection has to be the Radio-Controlled Pirate Ship with Underwater Motor. While we don't personally have one here (nowhere to really use it proper), there's a few videos on YouTube like this one that show off just how cool this ship really is...

It is officially National Talk Like A Pirate Day here at Rock Father HQ (though I probably will not be talking like a pirate), so I'm gonna share a couple of sea-worthy goodies for all of you, starting with "Pirate Girls" - the new single and music video from THE BOO HOO CREW. Clint Perry and the crew have been cranking the family-friendly Pirate rock for a few years now, so it's just right that they're back with more for 2014. Check out the video below...

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PenelopeThis Friday, September 19th, is the Annual TALK LIKE A PIRATE DAY, and for 2014 you can actually talk WITH a pirate. At 5:30pm PST, join my friend Melissa Northway (part of the PBS KIDS VIP Crew) and her creation, PENELOPE THE PURPLE PIRATE for a very special Facebook Party. There will be prizes (a full-on pirate's booty, you could say) and fun, all worked around the adventures of Penelope - whose book will be available on iTunes for FREE (in regular or HD), but just for one day.

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PBS KIDS VIP (Very Involved Parent)Since today is International Talk Like A Pirate Day, I figured it was the perfect time to share with all of you a little project that we recently completed here at Rock Father HQ. With the new math-centric series PEG + CAT getting ready to make it's debut on PBS KIDS on October 7, the folks at PBS KIDS and Whole Foods Market have teamed-up to offer families some fun recipes that are both educational and healthy. But they're not just recipes - but arts and crafts projects as well - and we took on The Pirates' "Great Banana" Fruit Salad Recipe and Craft Activity. Not only did we make some tasty fruit salad from scratch, but we also created our own little "treasure chests" to keep it in as well. Let's take a look... 

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Last year, CLINT PERRY & THE BOO HOO CREW celebrated International Talk Like A Pirate Day with the release of their album, SHAKE YOUR PIRATE BOOTY (which I reviewed here). So how did they follow it up for 2013? Well, since TODAY is International Pirate Day... it's only appropriate that they've released an actual song called "Talk Like A Pirate Day!" Stream the new track below, and if you dig it - pick it up on iTunes. Yo Ho Me Hearties!

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It's a big week for Pirates and their supporters with the tenth annual "Talk Like A Pirate Day" taking place this Wednesday, but just a day before comes an appropriate soundtrack courtesy of CLINT PERRY & THE BOO HOO CREW. A family-friendly band of merry music makers from San Diego, Perry and Co. have been known for some Pirate-centric tunes on occasion, and with the release of SHAKE YOUR PIRATE BOOTY, they're all presented together as a complete collection.

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