Comic books are certainly a family affair, and when it comes to those for younger readers, the work of Chicago artist Art Baltazar comes to mind - particularly SUPERMAN FAMILY ADVENTURES, TINY TITANS, and DC Comics SUPER-PETS. The latter recently spawned a new line of plush toys that are based on the lesser-known sidekicks of some Earth's mightiest heroes. Indeed, every Super Hero needs a Super Pet, and two of the newest plush releases are none other than Superman's (or Superboy, depending on continuity) trusty dog Krypto, and Shazam's cuddly bunny, HoppyDC Collectibles and I have teamed-up to give readers of THE ROCK FATHER Magazine a chance to win one of two pairs of DC Comics Super-Pets Plush! 

Imagine an alternate reality in which VOLTRON took place as a Space Western, and instead of having human-piloted mechanical lions that formed a mighty robot together, a group of mechanical horses piloted (or ridden) by humans, were accessories to other vehicles that would form a mighty robot. Now imagine that said robot was named Ramrod, and had the exact same voice as Optimus Prime, the heroic leader of the Autobots in TRANSFORMERS. Thing is, this isn't an alternate reality - it actually happened back in 1987, when the makers of VOLTRON launched SABER RIDER & THE STAR SHERIFFS here in the U.S., a series that featured Peter Cullen (also the voice of K.A.R.R. on KNIGHT RIDER) as the voice of Ramrod, complete with a Rawhide-style catch phrase of "Head 'em up, move 'em out!" Next week, the SABER RIDER rebirth begins in an all-new comic series from Lion Forge...

Sunday, February 21 2016 22:50

Review: The Art of LEGO Scale Modeling

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One of my favorite books from this past year, THE ART OF LEGO® SCALE MODELING (No Starch Press) is a fantastic look at the incredible work being done by hardcore LEGO enthusiasts as they create remarkably-detailed scale models of all manner of vehicle. Penned by Dennis Glaasker and Dennis Bosman (both skilled scale modelers based in the Netherlands), the book showcases not only some of their creations, but those of other builders from around the Globe - all working from their own designs.

Thursday, October 01 2015 19:47

Preview: DC SUPER HERO GIRLS Goes Live Ahead of NYCC!

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It was back in April that I first posted news about DC SUPER HERO GIRLS here on THE ROCK FATHER Magazine, and tonight the first elements of this exciting new initiative have emerged. DC SUPER HERO GIRLS is a true transmedia property created by DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Consumer Products in partnership with Mattel - an all-new world created for girls "where they can play, watch, read and be inspired to discover their full super power potential alongside legendary DC Comics female Super Heroes, including Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Batgirl, in this all-new universe that was created just for them." The Global Launch takes place this month, and DC SUPER HERO GIRLS will have a massive presence at New York Comic-Con next week. Check out the first video and images below, along with the full announcement.

31 Days of HalloweenWhile I'm a self-confessed Halloween fanatic enthusiast, as parents, my wife and I are always concerned about the abundance of extra Halloween candy that tends to wind up here at Rock Father HQ after trick-or-treating (which by the silly rules of this town has been as early as October 24 in recent years). Generally, it ends up going to my wife's office, but this year another idea has arrived via photographer Micah Smith and his wife Katie. SWEETS THE WITCH AND HER SWEETSWITCH is a new book that tells the tale of a witch that's willing to trade candy for toys. There's even a song and music video to go with it...

The crew at Lion Forge down in St. Louis has been doing some great and fun things. In the past year, they've brought back some killer properties like KNIGHT RIDER, MIAMI VICE, AIRWOLF, SAVED BY THE BELL and PUNKY BREWSTER - in comic book form. So how do they kick off year two? They'll be doing that at the New York Comic Con at the Jacob K. Javits Center next week, unveiling a lineup that includes a new spin on MADBALLS, and a new title about late WWE great Andre the Giant. Check out the full details below...

Until a neighbor mentioned it to me a couple of years ago, I had no idea that Mattel's American Girl had books to help girls with some of those more awkward things that can come when puberty arrives - a time I'm totally not looking forward to, if only because I've only experienced it first-hand as a guy, and now I have two girls. While I'll certainly do my best when the time comes, my wife will no doubt be interested in the news that just arrived today - American Girl has partnered again with pediatrician and New York Times bestselling author, Dr. Cara Natterson, on a new go-to guide for moms and daughters. The new three-book set, The Care & Keeping of Us: A Sharing Collection for Girls and Their Moms, provides the tools to get the conversation going on topics most top-of-mind for growing girls—from body basics, hygiene, and healthy habits to friends, social media, clothing, and more.

My wife and I have been attending the Wizard World Comic Con Chicago (previously dubbed simply "Wizard World Chicago") off-and-on since 1999. We started attending as fans, and in large part I credit the event as giving me the inspirational push to jump into my own creative endeavors at the beginning of the 21st century. By 2003/2004, we'd become exhibitors in the "Small Press" area, showing off my short films and selling some wares. In the years that would follow, my path would change, and by 2008 I was a listed guest, and my comic book DEATH WALKS THE STREETS would launch at Wizard World with an exclusive variant that the late Comics Buyer's Guide declared a "Must-Have Convention Variant." Strange times, indeed - and then I became "The Rock Father," and our convention-going came to an end - but not until one last round in 2010 when Addie was still in a baby carrier. So here we are in 2015, and man has Wizard World changed...

Wizard World Chicago begins tonight with Kick Off the Con at Level 257 in Schaumburg (THE ROCK FATHER will be there), and this weekend CONtv LIVE brings the action into the homes of viewers around the Globe. Check out the official details below...

Wanna hang with THE ROCK FATHER? How about Michael Rooker (Guardians of the Galaxy, "The Walking Dead"), Milo Ventimiglia ("Heroes," "Gotham"), Sean Patrick Flanery ( Boondock Saints), Barry Bostwick (Rocky Horror Picture Show, “Spin City”), Chris 51 ("Epic Ink") and more? Next Wednesday night you can at KICK OFF THE CON, the first official event of Wizard World Comic Con Chicago. The evening features some of the top celebrities, cosplayers, and artists in comic and sci fi entertainment on Wednesday, August 19, from 6:30-9:30 p.m. at Level 257 (2 Woodfield Mall, Unit A, Schaumburg, located between Sears and the entrance to Stir Crazy on the lower level, east side of Woodfield Mall).

Saturday, August 08 2015 01:51

Watch: STAN LEE's "Ode to Geeks"

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Until yesterday, I was not aware of "The Geekie Awards," but back in 2013 Stan "The Man" Lee took home the Lifetime Achievement Award and penned a song called "Ode to Geeks" to celebrate the occasion. Two years later we have the debut of a music video for that song, put to music by George Shaw, Composer and Musical Director for The Geekie Awards, and sung by a "Virtual Choir" from around the internet. Check out the video below, presented by Stan Lee's World of Heroes...

I've not read anything by author Dawn Dais yet, but after an announcement about her latest book was slid into my inbox here at Rock Father HQ today, I figured I had to at least give it a mention. You see, when I looked at the chapter titles, I realized that this is a book I could've written - so Dawn must be legit when it comes to sage advice on parenting. THE SH!T NO ONE TELLS YOU ABOUT TODDLERS: A Guide to Surviving the Toddler Years is out September 8 via Seal Press - a sequel to her 2013 book about SH!T from newborns. Check out the chapters below, and see if anything strikes you as familiar...

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