Netflix #StreamTeamThis week, my friends at Netflix released the results of a new survey that was conducted this Spring among subscribers of the streaming service in Brazil, Canada, Mexico, the UK, Germany, France, and of course, the US. The statistics that their new poll revealed have been reflected in the virtual pages of THE ROCK FATHER Magazine since day one, and in my Netflix columns since I joined the Stream Team just over a year ago: What's old is new again.  In fact,  85% of the dads surveyed said that they'd either planned to introduce their children to the shows they grew up on, or that they've done so already. For the modern generations, pop culture is the new "family heirloom," and it's being "passed down" by parents - dads and moms alike. That's certainly the case right here at Rock Father HQ.

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Best BuyAdvertorial: THE ROCK FATHER has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product/service at a reduced price or for free.

With all the video that I do between this site, my YouTube Channel (over 3 million plays and counting!), and my responsibilities as an Artist Manager and Music Video Director, many are often surprised that I do not yet own a GoPro for my personal use. Truth is, that sometimes surprises even myself, and the arrival of the GoPro HERO + LCD at Best Buy just may be the added nudge I have to get shopping... for an item that's been at the top of my "must-buy" list for ages. Already the go-to location for the biggest selection of GoPro Cameras and Accessories, Best Buy has the GoPro HERO + LCD in-stock and ready to rock right now - a waterproof, 1080p HD Action Camera perfect for capturing those family moments all summer, or all year round. It's the perfect entry-level model for families on the go. Check out the specs:

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My wife and I were driving south on I-94 outside of Chicago in November of 2008. We were on our way to a Thanksgiving gathering that was happening pre-Thanksgiving, and she turned to me very quickly and said "I think you knocked me up." That was the moment that I first realized that I'd soon become a Father for the very first time. The weight of things didn't really hit me, but I remember smiling ear-to-ear and just thinking, "OK - let's do this!" She was afraid that I'd be unhappy about the news - especially because just the night before... I'd been on the phone with my Mom, who was shopping at Target with a couple of my Step Brother's kids - and as they were acting out and being naughty - I made some quip about "not having kids." Funny thing is, I've always been good with kids - but there's also definitely an "old me" versus who I've become. On August 7, 2009 - our 10th Wedding Anniversary - our first daughter, Addie, was born. We liked it so much, that we prepped a sequel, and were back at the hospital two years ago TODAY - June 15, 2012, for the release of Little Finley!

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SkypeI'm extremely fortunate to be a work-at-home-dad, but there are times when I still hit the road a few times a year and need to stay in touch with my girls. I missed Addie's first Halloween back in 2009 - working a gig in Las Vegas that involved horror and SLIPKNOT (perfect combo), and while my oldest was just two months old at the time, Skype made it possible for me to see the little one and interact with her and my wife in the best way possible, given the circumstances. Since that time, I've shown my girls the Atlantic Ocean from Miami - the palm trees of Hollywood from Los Angeles - and many other spots along the way, all because Skype kept us connected. Sometimes a family can't be together on an important day (in fact, I'm going to be traveling on a big one this August), and Father's Day certainly fits the bill. For all the families out there were Dad can't be home for Rock Father's Day, whether traveling on business, deployed with our military or on tour with a band, my friends at Skype sent over five tips for making the most of things and staying creatively connected this weekend - or anytime you're away.

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Hot WheelsBy now, there's a good chance you know that Hot Wheels are a pretty big part of daily life here at Rock Father HQ. My girls and I have been building a great collection, and it's a real throwback to when I was a kid - when Hot Wheels were a big part of my life the first time around. Since Father's Day Rock Father's Day is tomorrow, it just feels appropriate to showcase what Mattel and Team Hot Wheels put together for all the Rad Dads out there - a fun video featuring a trio of Rad Dads: Off-Road Racer Casey Currie, Pro Skateboarder Steve Caballero, and X-Games Gold Medalist Ronnie Renner.

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Over the past two weeks leading up to Rock Father's Day 2014 here on THE ROCK FATHER, I've been profiling fellow "Rock Fathers" from different corners of the music industry. While I've had a fine assortment of great musicians, great Dads, and just plain great people, one thing I have not featured until today is an entire band - you could even argue that they're a "great" band - most certainly among the most prolific and consistently entertaining in the kindie rock scene today, regularly releasing satisfying concept albums built around a central theme, and on Tuesday, June 17, their latest album WIRED, will hit the streets. Ladies and Gentlemen, from Seattle, Washington... Drew Holloway, Jack Forman and Korum Bischoff, collectively known as RECESS MONKEY!

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