Remember DOLLAR SHAVE CLUB? Yes, the folks with the hilarious viral clip about their "F***in' Great" razor blades that I (like most web jockeys) posted about back in March of 2012. Back then, I said that "I can't vouch for their blades just yet." Now I can... but I'm still lazy as hell when it comes to shaving and buying razors.

The folks over at Oral-B are getting into the Father's Day spirit with a new video that celebrates the "Power of Dad." With over 115,000+ views on YouTube in just 24 hours, the video is a certified viral hit, and one that The Rock Father can get behind. Check it out below...

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Since becoming a Dad... actually, since starting The Rock Father two years ago, a lot of people send me books about being a Dad. At this point, it's not often that I seek out a "Dad Book" on my own, but when I heard that Ahmet Zappa (a certified "Rock Father" himself) had written a new book called BECAUSE I'M YOUR DAD, I had to reach out to Disney-Hyperion to get a copy. While my intention was to save my review for Father's Day (and my full review is being saved for that occasion), here I am talking a bit about it now, because I've been presented with an opportunity to give a copy to one of you (with a bonus!) to share with a special Dad in your life. I hate to spill the beans before my formal review, but BECAUSE I'M YOUR DAD just may be my favorite book that celebrates Fatherhood. 

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As I type this entry, we're sitting here at Rock Father HQ awaiting the weekend delivery of Daughter #2. This weekend is also Father's Day, which means that The Rock Father is officially one year old! There's a lot to celebrate this weekend, and while I've steered clear of doing the big 'Father's Day Gift Guide' loaded with expensive trinkets and $400 electronics, occasionally there's something cool that comes along, and in this case, Fathead fits the bill. The folks at Fathead have teamed up with The Rock Father to give one lucky reader the Fathead of their choice, but we need to make something very clear - despite the logo up top, Fatheads aren't just for sports nuts. Did you know that they make items for babies' nurseries?

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As I'm sitting here awaiting the arrival of Daughter #2 this coming weekend, it's important to note that Father's Day is Sunday, and that also means that The Rock Father is officially one year old! To celebrate all the Rock Father's out there, the folks at Fantastic Sams Hair Salons have partnered with the site to get one lucky reader hooked up with the essentials for a great haircut and style. Here's the details...

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Thursday, May 24 2012 09:13

DC Entertainment says "We Can Be Heroes"

''We Can Be Heroes..." 

If you're like me, those four words should be enough to put David Bowie in your head (or maybe The Wallflowers) for the rest of the morning. For DC Dentertainment, home to DC Comics (my favorite publisher growing up) and countless iconic Superheroes, those words represent lending a hand to countries in the 'Horn' of Africa - Ethiopia, Somalia, and Kenya - as they face their worst drought in 60 years.

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