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51CU9euFrPL. SL160 A NSFW review of a NSFW album...

I've been meaning to review this album for the past few months, but every time I've made an attempt, I just get too involved in listening to it to actually write about it. So today I'm forcing myself to write this review, if only because it's probably one of the best albums of 2010 that I haven't yet reviewed. If sex, drugs, and "foul" language are not your thing, then don't even bother reading beyond this point.

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danecookOriginally Published December 5, 2010

Last month, comedian DANE COOK hit the road for an arena tour (which wrapped up last night in Reno) in support of his new double-disc set, I DID MY BEST - GREATEST HITS. Having sold millions of albums over the past seven years since his debut with HARMFUL IF SWALLOWED, it's actually hard to believe that Cook has only released five proper full-length records. Along with numerous specials, the HBO series TOURGASM, and building a hefty acting resume that spans over a decade's worth of work, it seems the general public might have hit "Dane overload" a couple of years ago. Although he's been working steadily, it almost seemed that his comedic spotlight had shut off, and there's a lot of people that probably appreciated that - because you either really dig Dane Cook, or you really loathe Dane Cook.

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