2236371BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME has been one of my favorite bands ever since THE SILENT CIRCUS first came to town in 2003. Now, after nearly a decade as a member of the Victory Records family, the band has moved onto Metal Blade for the release of THE PARALLAX: HYPERSLEEP DIALOGUES (out 4/12). Containing only three tracks, this release is billed as an EP - but at thirty minutes in length, it's practically an album.

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2174383AMON AMARTH have had the Viking corner of the death metal world on lock for years, and with the release of SURTUR RISING (out March 29th via Metal Blade), they're firmly planting their flag for the immediate future. Indeed, these Tolkien-core Swedes will be basking in the metal limelight for another couple of years...

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Monday, January 31 2011 00:00


51aMLi0MlaL. SL160 THOMAS GILES' PULSE (out February 1, 2011 via Metal Blade) is a curious record, a nearly unclassifiable sonic oddity. The latest solo effort from BETWEEN THE BURIED AND ME frontman Tommy Rogers (Tommy Giles Rogers, Jr - hence, THOMAS GILES) is nothing like BTBAM in terms of execution, but is exactly like BTBAM in terms of composition. Most that could get past his band's metallic crust to see the beauty often hidden under layers of crunch and thunder would appreciate the complexity of BTBAM on every level (think 2007's COLORS album). In that, PULSE is a similar beast, but one that sounds completely different.

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