Have you been paying attention to the semi-hidden, somewhat-secret "For Grownups" section here on The Rock Father? If not, you're missing out on some killer opportunities - like this one... a shot at scoring a copy of MANDROID, the new DVD from the Nerdist himself - CHRIS HARDWICK! Yes, the good folks at Comedy Central have teamed up with The Rock Father to get two lucky readers hooked up with this funny new special!

A copy of Amy Schumer's new DVD, MOSTLY SEX STUFF recently arrived here at Rock Father HQ, and while I haven't had a chance to watch it just yet (I'm taking care of the little ones most of the time)... I've seen enough clips to know that I'm looking forward to it. That said, the folks at Comedy Central and I have decided to get two lucky readers hooked up with copies of the new disc, right here in my semi-secret Comedy Section in the "For Grownups" corner of The Rock Father. It ain't family-friendly, but Mommy and Daddy deserve some late-night laughs!

DVDIt's no secret that I like Anthony Jeselnik a lot, and having reviewed both his masterpiece SHAKESPEARE (here) and it's follow-up CALIGULA (here), he's been well-featured in the semi-secret Comedy Section in the "For Grownups" corner of The Rock Father. If for some reason you haven't seen his recent special (or have yet to buy it), the folks at Comedy Central have teamed with me to right that wrong. Two lucky readers are getting copies of CALIGULA on DVD!

This coming Tuesday, Comedy Central will release CHRIS HARDWICK: MANDROID, as an uncensored and extended CD/DVD/Digital Download. To prep for the release, the network has sent over a trio of preview clips, all of which can be viewed below. Look for James' review of MANDROID to be posted on The Rock Father next week. Until then, check out the preview clips along with the official press release below.

Tuesday, January 15 2013 00:47

ANTHONY JESELNIK - "Caligula" (Comedy Review)

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caligulaboxI bet you weren't aware that NickMom was blatantly copying The Rock Father when they decided to slide some NSFW standup comedy into the programming mix on Nick Jr. Actually, I did it the smart way - keeping the "Comedy For Grownups" hidden just out of sight from the family-friendly goodness of my main site, but easily within reach of parents who want to be entertained with all of the "offensive" comedy they can handle. NickMom just dropped their naughty bits directly in front of families expecting to see DORA THE EXPLORER and YO GABBA GABBA.  Doing what I do, I can cover the comedic genius of ANTHONY JESELNIK without people starting petitions and jumping down my throat for "corrupting the children." With his new album, CALIGULA out this week on Comedy Central Records (I reviewed his 2010 release, SHAKESPEARE here), it's time to drop some more virtual ink on the one guy who can open a show with a "rape" joke and have it be ok.

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