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Watch: THE PRETTY RECKLESS debut video for "You"

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The Pretty Reckless just unveiled a brand new video for "You," the closing track from their acclaimed debut album, LIGHT ME UP (read The Rock Father™ review). The video, by Grammy-winning director Meiert Avis, finds lead singer Taylor Momsen packing her things after a break-up and stumbling upon happier memories of her relationship.

Presidential Candidate Randy Blythe of the band LAMB OF GOD has a pretty distinct vocal sound, and if you'd like to sound like him with the help of technology, now you can give it a shot. The band has just released an iOS app called VOX OF GOD, which creates ''a vocal simulation of Randy's signature scream/growl effect when the user records their voice using the app with their iPhone.'' I'm curious what my toddler would think of this.

From the Official Press Release: Lock up your livestock. BORGORE—bass culture’s enfant terrible—has returned to terrorize speakers and stages yet again with a new release and tour. The man who claims he ''ruined dubstep'' will release FLEX, his fifth EP of original material, February 28 on his own Buygore label and will then will follow up with a massive 37-date headlining tour that includes stops at Ultra Music Festival and Coachella. Tickets are on sale now at borgore.wantickets.com.

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LADY GAGA has announced a spring tour dubbed THE BORN THIS WAY BALL. The five-time Grammy Award winner will perform music from her recent BORN THIS WAY album, along with songs from both THE FAME, and THE FAME MONSTER. ''The Haus of Gaga and I have worked for months conceiving a spectacular stage,'' said the Mother Monster. ''The Born This Way Ball" is an Electro-Metal Pop-Opera; the tale of the Beginning, the genesis of the Kingdom of Fame. How we were birthed and how we will die celebrating.''

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METALLICA announces ORION MUSIC + MORE Festival...

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Updated: The Official Press Release follows the post.

It's pretty appropriate that the first ''new'' post here on The Rock Father™'s own site relates to one of the biggest rock bands on the planet. While their ''big announcement'' scheduled for 1pm CST is running late, I can confirm that METALLICA will headline their own ORION MUSIC + MORE Festival on June 23 & 24, 2012 in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

benfoldsSeptember 11, 2001 was a Tuesday - the day that new releases traditionally hit the streets for public consumption. It also happened to be a massive day for new music releases in what should've been the kick-off for the high-profile Fall Release season at a time when the music industry was seeing record sales numbers just prior to the collapse of the physical market and the shift to the digital realm. Among the high-profile releases for 9/11 were JAY-Z's THE BLUEPRINT,  BOB DYLAN's acclaimed LOVE AND THEFT album, NICKELBACK's SILVER SIDE UP, P.O.D.'s SATELLITE, and SOIL's major label debut, SCARS. These are just a few of the many records to arrive on that fateful day - but a handful of titles also contained eerie elements that are still haunting a decade later.

With so many 20th Anniversary Editions of albums that were released in 1991 hitting the marketplace, it's important to remember that there were some great albums released that year that will never be celebrated or get their due. While it was an influential year for music and a monumental year for rock,  it was also a year that brought us several albums that were real stinkers... but people loved 'em.

1jz2011I'm not sure what they're teaching at colleges these days, but it seems there's a major disconnect happening when it comes to recent graduates from the media programs out there. They're clueless.

stidesOver the past few years several sites have featured what may have been one of the most successful, yet some would argue 'ethnically insensitive' ad campaigns of the early 1990's - ST. IDES Malt Liquor. Unfortunately, there was always one commercial that no one ever seemed to have, which just so happened to be the commercial that I most remember from the era. Tonight I found it.

clownprofileOne of the most daunting tasks for any artist is the inevitable media rounds prior to the release of an album. Pre-release interviews, conversations - whatever you want to call them - tend to be boring for all involved, a necessary evil in order to reach the unfamiliar... the new ears... the uninformed. After all, exposing your album to existing listeners is easy.

pantera logo20 Years Ago, PANTERA redefined metal when Atco Records released COWBOYS FROM HELL, the legendary album that opened the "Cemetery Gates" and introduced a legion of metal fans to the true "Art of Shredding." With their unmistakable brand of Texas groove-metal, PANTERA quickly became of the biggest acts in heavy music.

fnm lost 300As they say, "everyone has to start somewhere..."

For me it was the summer of 1992. I'd moved to Davenport, Iowa from my longtime home in the South Suburbs of Chicago the prior February, somehow managing to find myself elected Vice-President of my class for my upcoming junior year of high school at Davenport North. I was 15, bored, and obsessed with film, television, and music.

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