1984. Yes, it was 30 years ago already that Zuul and the gang came to New York, getting the town slimed, marshmallowed, and otherwise messed up. It four crazy guys - Dr. Peter Venkman, Dr. Egon Spengler, Dr. Ray Stantz and Winston Zeddemore (not a Dr.) - who were charged with "Cleanin' Up The Town," and GHOSTBUSTERS became one of the most popular films of all-time. For 31 Days of Halloween here on THE ROCK FATHER, the Ghostbusters 30th Anniversary Collection makes it's way into the countdown, with some fantastic collectibles and items available only for a limited time!

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Now, perhaps you're thinking to yourself, "Hey Rock Father! Didn't you already feature Halloween Grave Digger?" - and you'd actually be right... but not like this.  Last month, I posted news that Mattel was producing a Hot Wheels Monster Jam Halloween Edition Grave Digger monster truck, limited to a run of "up to 5,000 pieces" to be sold exclusively through Feld Motorsports' website. And, if you were looking closely, you may have even seen Grave Digger make a cameo appearance here, but it's only fitting that this glorious monster truck get a proper feature in 31 Days of Halloween, and what better way to do that than to show him in-action at a pumpkin patch?

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Dia de los Muertos. The annual Day of the Dead celebration is a Mexican tradition that coincides closely with Halloween... And this year, from producer Guillermo del Toro (HELLBOY, THE STRAIN, PACIFIC RIM) and director Jorge Gutierrez (MAD, EL TIGRE) comes a new film called THE BOOK OF LIFE, a vibrantly-animated tale bound to become a new classic for the Fall season and beyond. To celebrate, THE ROCK FATHER has teamed-up with Fox Family Entertainment for a giveaway in which one (1) lucky reader will receive a $25 Gift Card to see the film in theaters, a Mini-Guitar and a collectible tin "keepsake box" from Cost Plus World Market's Exclusive Halloween Collection.

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This #Treats4All Adventure is brought to you by #CollectiveBias Inc. and it's advertiser. All opinions are that of James Zahn, aka The Rock Father.


"Which house will have the best #Treats4All this year?" Well, Rock Father HQ is looking pretty good right about now. In fact, it's become sort of a tradition here to break out the treats just for our family for a little pre-Halloween cheer, and that was the case this weekend as we got our Fall and Halloween decor going up in full-effect. I'm always playing with new ideas, and as much as I'd love to do "scary," we tend to end up leaning "cute" to welcome Trick or Treaters to our home each October. Come that glorious day (which is actually taking place on October 26 in our party-pooping town), all the little ghosts and ghouls will get a chance to score some good candy like Butterfinger, Nestle Crunch and Baby Ruth.

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"Now this is what it's like when World's collide," or so said POWERMAN 5000 frontman Spider One once upon a time. It's sort of appropriate here as my online and offline worlds become tied together in what you're reading right here - my latest installment of my annual 31 Days of Halloween tying into something completely new to me: School Fundraising. Our public school adventure began in August when Addie started kindergarten, and now I'm working with the PTO to help raise funds for programs throughout the year. How does this fit into Halloween, you may ask? We're selling Yankee Candle, and they have something spook-tacularly appropriate: The Boney Bunch Collection. Better yet, they've got online exclusives that are being made available through our fundraising site, where 40% of all sales go directly to my daughter's school, and you can pick up spooky seasonal scents with candles like Witches' Brew, Candy Corn, Ghosty Treats! Here's one of my favorites... DAWN OF THE DEAD...

bootoyouAs a wise man (Ron Swanson/Nick Offerman) once said, "There is only Doc McStuffins." True, that as a parent, I view and cover the excellent Disney Junior series often, and I wouldn't do so if it wasn't good. The show has infiltrated all aspects of our lives at this point, and as such, it finds it's way into this year's 31 Days of Halloween with DOC McSTUFFINS: BOO TO YOU!, a touch and feel board book from Disney Press.

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