I get hit with so much music news here at Rock Father HQ that there's barely any way to cover it - much less a lot of it. That's why I'm going to make an effort to get my old "Random Rock" column happening on a more frequent basis again. The deal is simple - I'll start off with a stream or video to enjoy while reading, followed by a list of quick news items from around the music world (though likely with a "rock" focus). If you'd like to know more about a story, a link will be provided to do so.  Here we go...

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While I don't live in the City proper, I've always identified as a "Chicagoan," and have long looked at the annual RIOT FEST as a true Chicago tradition - one that's spread to other cities, including Denver and Toronto. Having attended, and having seen it grow from small clubs to a multi-venue, week-long event (I covered and shot it back in 2011) that then morphed into the RIOT FEST & CARNIVAL, I (like many) was disheartened to see the fest being squeezed as part of a larger debate about its recent home in Humboldt Park. Today, that debate ends as far as RIOT FEST is concerned, as the 2015 RIOT FEST & CARNIVAL will stay in Chicago, moving south to Douglas Park.

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Last night, FAITH NO MORE made their first U.S. television appearance in nearly two decades, making their return with a triumphant performance of "Superhero" on LATE NIGHT WITH JIMMY FALLON. It was an appropriate place to make a National return, with FNM making previous NBC appearances on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE (1990, "Epic" and "From Out of Nowhere"), THE TONIGHT SHOW with JAY LENO (1993, "Midlife Crisis" and "Easy"), and  LATE NIGHT with CONAN O'BRIEN (1995, "Ricochet"), on which they even did a skit. Check out last night's appearance in the clips below, and look for FAITH NO MORE's SOL INVICTUS, in-stores next week!

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This past Thursday night, I felt as if I were 15 again. My wife and I attended the sold-out FAITH NO MORE concert at Chicago's Concord Music Hall, where Riot Fest presented the return of FAITH NO MORE to the Windy City. For those of you that read this site regularly, you may already know that if not for my first-ever interview with FNM back in 1992 during the ANGEL DUST Tour, it's entirely possible that my life could've taken an entirely different path. Now, 18 years after their previous release, ALBUM OF THE YEAR, the band is back with SOL INVICTUS, their first effort since re-forming in 2009. Today, NPR is streaming the album in-full, one week ahead of it's May 19 release here in the United States. Check it out via the embedded player below...

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Back in the early 1990s, I'd occasionally pick up an issue of Revolutionary Comics' ROCK 'N' ROLL Comics - unauthorized biographies of popular bands. Over the years, those books have become legendary, with Bluewater Productions serving up reprints not long ago, and new companies stepping into that fold to carry the "rock" torch in comics for the present day. Bluewater is one of them, recently announcing a new OZZY OSBOURNE title to follow those based upon ALICE COOPER, DAVID BOWIE, BONO and others. Another company bringing the rock is ACME Ink through their ROCK & ROLL BIOGRAPHIES series. After launching with a first-issue tribute to SLAYER, Rock & Roll Biographies #2 is devoted to a pair of bands very close to each other, and my heart - FAITH NO MORE and MR. BUNGLE. Check out a video preview below!

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What a great way to start the week... FAITH NO MORE have just unleashed the second single from their forthcoming SOL INVICTUS (out May 19 on Reclamation/Ipecac), and they picked the perfect partner to do it with - MARVEL. "Superhero" popped up over on MARVEL.com yesterday, racking up over 107K streams for the song in just 24 hours - a welcome feat for a band that hasn't released an album since 1997. The track debut came alongside Ryan Penagos' interview with FNM Bassist Bill Gould (read it) in which some serious love for Jack Kirby and the Silver Surfer are thrown down.  Check out the track, and keep on reading below...

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