I have a real problem with nostalgia. Hard thing is, in my adventures in-and-out of the entertainment world, and now as a parent, nostalgia plays a big part of everyday life. You're always sucked into the past, whether to provide 'cred' with what you can do based on what you've already done (your resume is nostaliga, but for getting a job), in conversation of popular culture, or as a testament to who you are. My entire office is filled with nostalgia, through pictures and artifacts from adventures long since passed, to an archive of music that reminds me of the past. Perhaps it's my own bouts with depression, but lately I've been more interested in thinking about the future than the past - new adventures with my kids, but even those bring memories from years ago. What prompted this writing today, you may ask? FAITH NO MORE and KNIGHT RIDER both turn 30 years old this year. What do they have to do with each other? I'm not quite sure.

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Judging from the hit-count on my blog posting yesterday that featured a 22-second snippet of a new SOUNDGARDEN song slated for inclusion on THE AVENGERS Soundtrack, I'd say interest in both the film and the band are pretty high. Well, earlier today, Disney sent over the full tracklisting for AVENGERS ASSEMBLE: Music From and Inspired by The Motion Picture. Additionally, The Rock Father has learned that the aforementioned SOUNGARDEN cut Live to Rise will be featured over the end credits of the film.  Check out the full tracklisting and all the artists below.

SeasickThe little one just turned two last week, and with the turn of age comes even more curiosity. As she inspects her surroundings, The Toddler Jukebox is growing - a selection of albums (literally) hand-picked by my little daughter. The way it works is simple: she pulls an album from the archives and Daddy has to listen to it. It's an interesting way to re-discover some music that I may not have spun for quite some time. Today's pick? IMPERIAL TEEN - SEASICK.

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fnm lost 300As they say, "everyone has to start somewhere..."

For me it was the summer of 1992. I'd moved to Davenport, Iowa from my longtime home in the South Suburbs of Chicago the prior February, somehow managing to find myself elected Vice-President of my class for my upcoming junior year of high school at Davenport North. I was 15, bored, and obsessed with film, television, and music.

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