prostheticlogoThe crew over at PROSTHETIC RECORDS hit The Rock Father with news that their 2013 Summer Sampler is now available as a FREE DOWNLOAD. This 13-track collection of new metal is available now via the Prosthetic Records Facebook Page.

Check out the artists and tracklisting below...

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It's been a busy week for The Rock Father™, hence my keeping up with all the music news hitting my inbox has been slower than usual. I've been working on a 'secret' project for one of my favorite bands  (I'll blog about it sooner or later) since last week, so it's time for some catching up here on the site - another edition of The Random Rock N' More. This is the column where I blast through updates on tons of artists from the rock world (everything from indie and folk to thrash, black metal, and pop fare), then drop in the "N' More" for some non-rock musical goodness to expand those musical horizons. Each update comes with a link to learn more. That said, here's the updates for Saturday, April 7, 2012. Be careful tonight, folks - rumor has it that a man-sized rabbit might be on the loose.

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It's the middle of the week and the music news is flowing. While The Rock Father™ is all about entertainment for the kids, there's plenty of Music for Grownups, and that brings us to another edition of The Random Rock N' More. I've got rapid fire updates on over 40 bands and artists starting with ''rock'' (from mainstream to indie, pop rock to black metal), and finishing with ''N' More,'' brief items from elsewhere in the musical spectrum. A well-rounded musical pallette is good for the ears. Here we go!

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