Last fall, a trailer hit the web for a movie aimed squarely at those who crave monstrous entertainment in the tradition of Sharknado! and Snakes on a Plane. Now, SNAKE OUTTA COMPTON has a distributor and it's coming home on October 23 (my birthday, FYI) thanks to Lionsgate. Can a young rap group defeat a giant snake and still get the record deal? Check out the in-home trailer...

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Red Bull Sound Select is currently in full-swing with their 30 Days in Chicago concert series, and today we've got a new documentary from the folks at Red Bull TVThis and Nothing More: Chicago's Hip Hop Scene is an intimate portrait of three people in the Chicago hip-hop scene -- an up-and-coming, about-to-break female artist (Ravyn Lenae), a influencer/curator (Andrew Barber) and a poet/educator (Kevin Koval) – who are committed to living their lives driven by and in pursuit of their one true passion, hip-hop. Check out the 30 minute documentary below...

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Back in 2009, I interviewed TWIZTID during my time running music coverage for FANGORIA. It was in March, a mere five months before I became a parent for the first time, and this site wasn't even in the cards yet. It was a different time, and much has changed for me in the five years passed, and the same can be said for TWIZTID, who've gone out on their own, now separate from Psychopathic Records, the label on which they spent a good 17 years. To celebrate the launch of their own webstore, TWIZTID have released a brand-new mixtape, FOR THE FAM: Volume 2. Listen below, and hit Twiztid Shop for more

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I sorta miss the few years in the late 90's/early 00's when the whole rap/rock thing was happening in full swing. Sure, we hit overkill pretty fast, but there were some good times and good jams in there, and over the past year or so, there have been hints of a resurgence. Another hit my inbox here at Rock Father HQ this week with a track called "Hiccup" a preview of the new THERAPY EP (pre-order now on iTunes) by TECH N9NE. It's a metal-inspired collection that features contributions by Wes Borland of LIMP BIZKIT and Sammy Siegler of GLASSJAW, along with production by Ross Robinson (KORN, SLIPKNOT, SEPULTURA). Check out the track along with some words from TECH below...

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By 1988, the A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET franchise was a household name. Well on it's way to becoming more "camp" than "scares," the saga of the razor-gloved FREDDY KRUEGER had come a long way since being birthed by director WES CRAVEN back in 1984. With merchandising tie-ins, a 1-900 hotline number, and millions at the box office, it was only a matter of time before the series had a proper musical tie-in by established artists (unlike 1987's horrible FREDDY'S GREATEST HITS by "The Elm Street Group").

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If you spin it back to the beginning, August 11, 1973 is viewed by many to be the true beginning of Hip-Hop as a movement. As a kid from the South Suburbs of Chicago, I felt the influence of hip-hop from a young age (starting in elementary school in Chicago Heights), eventually making Yo! MTV Raps an after-school stable. Ed Lover and Dr. Dre introduced me to a new world of music, that even in my later, metal-loving years, has a lot of respect here at Rock Father HQ. Now, my friends at PBS are celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Hip-Hop with a special section, and an Independent Lens special. Check out videos on PBS.org, or check out HIP-HOP: BEYOND BEATS AND RHYMES below...

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