The lullaby album of the year has officially hit the streets (and the nursery) as TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE ROCK STAR - LULLABY VERSIONS OF FAITH NO MORE (my favorite band of all-time) is out now. To celebrate this epic collection of 12 FNM classics (and one cover) that have been re-worked into "lush instrumental versions" for baby, the folks at Roma Music Group have teamed-up with THE ROCK FATHER for a giveaway! Three (3) lucky readers will receive a digital download of the new album, with one (1) also receiving a $25 Amazon Gift Card! Enter below...

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For the past few years, the crew over at Roma Music Group has been releasing lullaby albums based on the biggest names in music through their Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star line - a collection that I've covered extensively here on THE ROCK FATHER. What had been flying under my radar until recently is a line of tributes they've been releasing by the MIDNITE STRING QUARTET. Now, string tributes are nothing new, but the library that Roma has assembled here is impressive. Already, they have releases based around DEFTONES, METALLICA, PANTERA, SLIPKNOT, ASKING ALEXANDRIA, FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH and more - with albums based on the works of ADELE, PARAMORE, FALL OUT BOY, PANIC AT THE DISCO, RADIOHEAD and more due out within the next few weeks. Take a look at the rundown of what's out, all available on iTunes and Amazon.

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comeasyouaresidebarThere have already been a lot of track-for-track ''tribute'' albums released to celebrate NEVERMIND, the landmark album by NIRVANA. At least four strike my mind as being released this year alone - all marking the two decades since the record with the familiar floating baby first hit stores unceremoniously on a September Tuesday back in 1991. A bit belated to market, Reimagine Music's COME AS YOU ARE: A 20th Anniversary Tribute to NIRVANA's NEVERMIND is one of the better ones, but it hasn't arrived without fault.

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510kFWSKJhL. SL500 AA300 Having been in love with THE MUPPETS for the better part of the past 34 years or so (yes, that is ME pictured with Kermit the Frog below right), it's pretty much a given that MUPPETS: THE GREEN ALBUM would be something I'd be looking forward to. Originally announced in 2009 as MUPPETS REVISITED, the album underwent some tweaks before making it's way to market this week.

newermindOn the eve of the 20th Anniversary of NIRVANA's landmark NEVERMIND, the folks over at SPIN have put together NEWERMIND: A TRIBUTE TO NIRVANA. Offered as a FREE DOWNLOAD to visitors to the SPIN website and Facebook page, this collection re-imagines the 1991 classic to results that are beautiful, bizaare, and blasphemous.

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188032 222349634448294 5639089 nNo story about THE RUNAWAYS would be complete without a little (or a lot) of behind-the-scenes drama, and TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT - A TRIBUTE TO THE QUEENS OF NOISE: THE RUNAWAYS (out today on Main Man Records) is no exception. The expansive, two-disc collection of cover songs recently made headlines when two of THE RUNAWAYS - Joan Jett and Cherie Currie - allegedly plotted an attempt to stop the release of the album; a plan that failed as pre-orders for the album have shipped and it's made it's way onto iTunes.

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