If you live here in the 'States, there's a pretty solid chance that if you're familiar with the band SPACE, you know them from one song only - their 1996 single, "Female of the Species." The retro vibe of that song tapped into the moment - a time when audiences were embracing the 60's, and nothing solidified that more than its remixed inclusion on the soundtrack for AUSTIN POWERS: INTERNATIONAL MAN OF MYSTERY in 1997. SPIDERS, the album from which that single came, became one of my favorite albums of the 90s, and while SPACE became popular in their UK home (and elsewhere in the world), like many great bands, their audience in the U.S. just never materialized in the way that it should have. Eager for the release of their next album, TIN PLANET, I was disappointed when it didn't receive a proper Stateside release (it since has), and SPACE became a mystery whose music was hard to track down in those early days of the internet boom, with the geographic availability paired with a hard-to-search name making less-savory outlets the only place to dig for treasure until the 2005 release of a 2-Disc GREATEST HITS collection that paired songs from their first two albums with remixes and b-sides. You can imagine my surprise when an email arrived at Rock Father HQ this morning with a simple message: "SPACE are back!"

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On June 10, THE WHO will release QUADROPHENIA: LIVE IN LONDON, a concert captured in High Definition last summer, at the end of their 40th Anniversary Tour that celebrated the original album's 1973 release by erforming the full album front-to-back along with a collection of hits and fan favorites. Check out a preview and all the specs below!

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STAR WARS is returning to it's roots... with production returning to the UK. While all of the previous six "episodic" films all had production activites take place in the UK at one time, the original trilogy (Episodes IV-VI) had a major connection there. The kid in me (who as an adult, sits under the shadow of an AT-AT in his office) is pretty excited.

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Wednesday, February 27 2013 17:43

ZEAMU Music (Album Review)

ZEAMU Music is an interesting beast. Not really a "band," but more of a consciously-assembled musical "project" for kids, Zeamu Music is much like the GORILLAZ for the kindie set. Previously-covered here on The Rock Father last November, Zeamu Music was created by a pair of UK-based "Mumprenuers" (Barbara Bishop and Fiona Case) alongside creative director Simon Case, who brought together a top-notch group of songwriters and performers to craft a family-friendly pop-rock album that's actually sung by children.

THE WHO are currently rocking audiences across North American and Europe with their Quadrophenia and More Tour, playing their classic 1973 album QUADROPHENIA in its entirety, followed by an encore of their greatest hits.  To celebrate the second leg of their massive North American trek, The Rock Father is giving readers a chance to win copies of the inconic QUADROPHENIA album along with official Tour Posters. Since the album focuses heavily on "Mod Culture," THE WHO have also provided a helpful guide to the 2013 Mod Resurgence...

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While we just broke the record for "days without significant snowfall" here in the Chicago area (281 days and counting for those that care), it's technically Snowman Season for a lot of folks with plenty of fresh, white powder on the ground. As a celebration of the season, Oxford, UK-based children's performer NICK COPE has released a new Holiday song called "Snowman Kind of Day." It's a great new tune for the family, and he's offering it up for a free download!

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