If you're visiting The Rock Father, there's a solid chance that you're a rocker... but are you an EARTH ROCKER? That's the title of the new album from CLUTCH (due out March 2013 via Weathermaker Music), and the title track has now been unleashed via Brooklyn Vegan. The track hit the web today alongside a new interview with guitarist Tim Sult. 

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When the members of a band come from such groovalistic heavy rockers as CLUTCH, FU MANCHU, CKY, and FIREBALL MINISTRY, it's a safe bet that what they'll be creating something of quality - provided you're already a fan of the source artists. When the band in question is THE COMPANY BAND, you can bet that customer service is a high priority in the interest of providing listeners with a top product at a fair price. On their latest EP, PROS & CONS (out now on Weathermaker Music), THE COMPANY BAND proves that to be true.

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I don't get to do to many shows these days, and with a new baby set for release next month, the few will become even fewer. Luckily, there's a place close to Rock Father HQ to catch the occasional concert, and that's Austin's Fuel Room in Libertyville, IL. Last night was a special event for me, because one of my Top Four Favorite bands of all-time was on the bill - CLUTCH. Technically, the band was co-headlining with HELLYEAH, but for me it was all about the Pro-Rock crew from Maryland.

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If you enjoyed The Random Rock columns when I was doing them for Kik Axe Music, then you'll be pleased to know that they'll be continuing here on The Rock Father™.  The concept is simple: There's just too much news for just one site to handle, so we compile bite-sized headlines on a few dozen bands and artists into one post. If you want to learn more, we'll tell you where to go. As the title implies, this really is random rock. Heavy metal, radio rock, punk, indie rock, ska, mainstrem, black metal, grindcore... if it's part of rock, then it's probably here, but you might find some other genres dropped in as well. 

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Gather 'round the fire true believers, because right now you're about to hear a tale of a legendary beast from the land of Maryland. Yes indeed, that beast is CLUTCH, and they've returned once more to carry a torch and raise a flag for the legions of ears that can only have their sonic thirst quenched by the sounds of genuine pure rock fury...

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