Alt-rockers The Nearly Deads have launched a PledgeMusic campaign to help fund their forthcoming EP, scheduled for release in January 2017. Running from through 1/15/17, the campaign will provide fans with one-of-a-kind merchandise and experiences, including exclusive opportunities to interact with the band. Starting at $10 for a download of the new EP and an “Access Pass” to all Pledge-only updates, offers include signed merchandise (CDs, vinyl, posters, drum sticks), a “Zombie” bundle (a knowing nod to their fans, who are referred to as “zombies"), Skype hangouts, “Band" hangouts, personal “birthday" wishes, acknowledgement in the credits, song collaborations, an elaborate “Nearly Deads Scrapbook” (only two are being produced) and custom lyric art by singer Theresa Jeane. One lucky fan can even pledge to “Name the EP.”

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Getting a film made - whether independent or big-budget - is a crapshoot and a struggle, something I've personally had some experience with over the years. It's often those long-gestating projects that hold the most meaning, and for activist and artist Vincent Gagliostro, that project is AFTER LOUIE - a film that he will soon direct from a screenplay that he's co-written with NYC writer/actor Anthony Johnston. Bridging generations and shaped by Gagliostro's own experiences as an original member of ACT UP (The AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power), AFTER LOUIE tells the story of an artist and former AIDS activist (portrayed by Alan Cumming) "that has become disillusioned with the world around him until he meets a young man." The film is currently on Kickstarter with $17,383 of a $72,500 goal raised with 15 days remaining in the campaign. See the pitch for the film below, complete with words from the cast and filmmakers.

In Dallas, Texas, there's a special place called THE SOUND FOUNDATION - a music school that helps prepare young students for all facets of the music business. Run by Norman Matthew Pangle, whose band, MURDER FM, I first wrote about several years ago while working for another publication, The Sound Foundation covers everything from artist development to recording instruction. Norman is a fellow "Rock Father," and much as becoming a parent changed and re-shaped my own life, the birth of Norman's son did the same for him - really placing a focus on giving back, and The Sound Foundation has become that outlet. Over the past few years, people have taken notice of Norman's work with The Sound Foundation, and this past January he was featured in FORD Tough's GOOD WORKS. Check out the video below...

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As I usually do when I post about a crowdfunding effort, I need to preface this with a warning: Just because I am posting about a Kickstarter project, that is not an invitation to open the floodgates for more crowdfunding pitches. Seriously, every single time I post about a Kickstarter or IndieGoGo, I will get a dozen+ crappy pitches in my inbox by the next morning, so please - before you submit a crowdfunding effort, read this. Again, read this.

Bruce Campbell wants your money. This time, it's to make a new season of LAST FAN STANDING, the pop culture game show that Campbell (THE EVIL DEAD, BURN NOTICE, OLD SPICE) hosts himself. Filmed on-location and "live-to-tape" at Wizard World Comic Con events around the country, LAST FAN STANDING gave con-goers "the chance to prove their status as the ultimate Fanboy or Fangirl for a global internet audience on CONtv." If you want Season Two, here's your chance to be involved - just announced at a media event at the in-progress Wizard World Comic Con Chicago.

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Funk. Yep, catch me when the time is right, and I very well might be "The Funk Father." I've always had an affection for proper 70s funk and soul - even trying to work some of those grooves into my own jams back in that strange time called "The 1990s." My Dunlop Cry Baby Wah Wah pedal got a workout in those days, and while most of what I did went in some weird punky-metal direction, my own musical schizophrenia diversity has always led me to enjoy many types of music, despite "rock" being home base. One band I've dug comes straight out of Dayton, Ohio, and there's a good chance that even if you don't know THE OHIO PLAYERS, you'll recognize their music - hits like "Fire" and "Love Rollercoaster" (covered in '96 by THE RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS). Now, four of the original Ohio Players (Drummer James ‘Diamond’ Williams, Keyboardist Billy Beck, Guitarist Clarence ‘Chet’ Willis and Percussionist Robert ‘Kuumba’ Jones) are back in the studio working on a new record with an energized line-up and they're seeking some crowdfunding help to make it happen. Check out the details on the new album, RESET below, along with The Ohio Players' IndieGoGo pitch...

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What does $100K raised on Kickstarter get you? A lot of different things, I'm sure, but for Gabriel Diani and Etta Devine, $101,145 has funded the product of DIANI & DEVINE MEET THE APOCALYPSE, a new film starring a who's who of familiar faces from "some of their favorite stuff" (as noted in their crowdfunding pitch). The first teaser for the film has arrived, with pre-orders now up on their official site. Judging from this, it looks like MAD MAX with pretzels and a shopping cart. Check it out...

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