You know how you always see these parenting blogs that ask questions like "What is the appropriate age for...?" Yes, like that STAR WARS piece I took part in. So what's the appropriate age to expose your children to Joe Dante's 1984 masterpiece, GREMLINS? Am I seriously asking this question? Not really, but I do know that when it originally was released, I wasn't quite 8, and my sister had just turned four. We saw it on the big screen at the late Lincoln Mall Cinema in Matteson, Illinois, and after the destruction of Stripe at the end [oops, SPOILER!], I didn't eat American Cheese for awhile.

MARVEL's IRON MAN 3 will be hitting theaters in just a few weeks (May 3, 2013), and the onslaught of cool merch and new toys has begun. For older kids or the "adult collector" comes new offerings in the MARVEL Selects line from Diamond Select Toys. First up are the IRON MAN 3 Mark 42 Figure and the War Machine. Both figures were sculpted by Gentle Giant based on digital data, and feature incredible likenesses of actors Robert Downey Jr. and Don Cheadle. The folks at Diamond Select hit The Rock Father with some fresh pics of both, and I'm sharing them with you below...

Steven Spielberg's classic film, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial was released 31 years ago this June. I thought it was pretty cool when I found a 20th Anniversary Edition Collectors' figure on clearance at Toys "R" Us (it was an exclusive to them) back in 2002... and to this day, the 12" figure sits in an acrylic display case here in my office. Now, my E.T. is a little less-cool, as the folks at NECA Toys are releasing an E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial Stunt Puppet Prop Replica. It's nearly life-size, at almost three feet tall. I think that I my daughters need this.

One of the most popular articles here on The Rock Father last month was about the new line of BATMAN CLASSICS 1966 Action Figures from Mattel. While I mentioned a forthcoming wave set to feature the Caesar Romero version of THE JOKER and the Julie Newmar version of CATWOMAN, details were scarce. Now, things are a little bit clearer.

The headline to this post is completely misleading. Yes, the much-touted remake of the EVIL DEAD has hit theaters, but no - there is no kids' version on the way. But characters from the third installment of the original trilogy (ARMY OF DARKNESS) are getting a pretty cute makeover when they become a part of Funko Toys' ever-growing line of Pop! Vinyl Figures later this year. Bruce Campbell will be there as ASH, and you might find a DEADITE or two. But they won't be alone come September...

The action figure-slinging badasses over at Diamond Select Toys hit The Rock Father with news on some of their latest goodies, the perfect way to help expose your kids to the glory of THE MUNSTERS. Following-up two successful runs of figures from the classic TV series, THE MUNSTERS SELECT Series 3 is the "HotRod" series - a new collection of figures, each packed with a piece required to build their famous staircase, complete with Eddie's buddy, Spot. Check 'em out below.

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