Despite my love of the TRANSFORMERS, there are some characters who are so obscure that their existence within the Transformers lore has escaped me. From the Generation 1-era comes Liokaiser - a Combiner who first appeared in the Japanese cartoon series, but eventually made its way into later iterations of the franchise. What this robot didn't have until now is a proper, U.S.-release as a toy, but Hasbro has taken care of that with this month's official release of the Transformers Generations Platinum Edition Combiner Wars Liokaiser - an Entertainment Earth Exclusive, and a featured pick in my 2016 Holiday Wish Guide here on THE ROCK FATHER™ Magazine. This beautiful Boxed Set includes 6 evil Decepticons who merge into the mighty Liokaiser in order to throw down against the Autobots! My allies at EE sent an early sample to Rock Father HQ for review, and I'm giving you one of the first official in-hand looks at this great set...

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When it comes to getting the license for pretty much everything, Funko has that action on lock, and one need look no further than their growing line of Pop! Vinyls. To a smaller extent, they've also done well with their 3¾" ReAction Figures - those done in a similar style to the Kenner Action Figures (think STAR WARS) of the late 1970s and early 1980s. After taking on some cool properties like Back to the Future and Gremlins, now they're doing figures based on E.T. the Extra Terrestrial

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The DC Comics Bombshells line is a unique collection of higher-end statues that celebrate popular characters as presented in the style of 1940s and '50s pinups. Over the past few years, Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, Lois Lane, Hawkgirl and Catwoman have been among the characters given the Bombshell treatment, as has Batgirl, who just got a special statue for the 2016 Halloween season. The DC Comics Bombshells "Halloween Batgirl" switches out the traditional purple and gold outfit for a festive orange and black vampire costume, complete with fangs and a very appropriate hairdo. Based on the art of ANT LUCIA. Check it out below, and get yours from my ally, Entertainment Earth.

With #RogueFriday (the second annual #ForceFriday) now in the books, STAR WARS fans are already looking ahead, and if my inbox is any indication, the months ahead will have no shortage of fantastic new STAR WARS toys and collectibles hitting the streets - from stories both new and old. "Order 66" is among the most infamous actions that occurred during the rise of The Empire, and from my friends at Entertainment Earth comes their latest Exclusive in partnership with Hasbro: STAR WARS: The Black Series Clone Troopers of Order 66 6" Action Figure 4-Pack. These just went up for pre-order, and all of the details can be seen below...

While many will point to STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS as the definitive relaunch of the STAR WARS franchise under Disney, I look at STAR WARS REBELS as being the real spark that started it all for a new generation. For our girls, it certainly lit the fire, and with its third season off and running on Disney XD, there's many new adventures awaiting viewers in the months ahead - filling in gaps that will no doubt be important stories in the lead-up to the December release of ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS Story. Now comes news that the crew of The Ghost (Kanan Jarrus , Ezra Bridger, Hera, Sabine, Zeb & Chopper)  is finally getting a treatment that many icons from a galaxy far, far away have already had - Pop! Vinyl editions from the folks at Funko, and they're headed to shops just in-time for the holidays. Check out the basic assortment (available for pre-order via my allies at Entertainment Earth) along with a pair of retailer exclusives (Ahsoka Tano and Masked Sabine Ren)...

Just when you think that the folks at Funko have cranked out Pop! Vinyls for just about every pop culture license imaginable, something new pops up that's so obvious, you wonder why it's taken so long to get to it. A prime example is the newly-announced collection of SCOOBY-DOO Pop! Vinyl figures - based on the classic Hanna-Barbera animated series.  Fred, Velma, Daphne, Shaggy and Scooby (pre-order from my ally, Entertainment Earth) each measure 3¾" tall and come packaged in an attractive window box, as always. It really is a mystery as to how these weren't made sooner... probably had something to do with "meddling kids."

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