I'm a big fan of Walt Disney Animation Studios' FROZEN, and if you've been reading THE ROCK FATHER lately, then you already know that... and that the folks from Disney recently had me pay them a visit on Mickey's dime. I've spent time with the filmmakers, the CG department, and even my first Daddy/Daughter Dance was Arendelle-themed. While I have a few more personal tales from the world of FROZEN to tell, my friends at Disney are letting me get one of YOU hooked-up with the new Blu-ray Combo Pack, which will hit stores on March 18th. That way your family can keep reliving the Oscar-winning goodness over and over again, just as we have been here at Rock Father HQ this week. Would you like to build a snowman?

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For most, the art of "rigging" is something unfamiliar, a term that may bring to mind other professions like those in the maritime or theatrical fields. In reality, they're all connected, but instead of using physical ropes and cables, animation riggers use programs like Maya as tools of their trade. "Without rigging, our characters are really nothing more than digital sculptures," explained Frank Hanner, the Character CG Supervisor on Disney's FROZEN, while speaking to a group of writers on a recent visit to Walt Disney Animation Studios. "It really is the Rigger's job to bring them to life, and they do that by building skeletons of the characters, and finding a way to attach muscles and skin. Finally, they build a set of animation controls that allow the animators to push and pull the characters around." Hmmm, but are they sure that it was wise to hand the keys (a mouse and keyboard, to be specific) to THE ROCK FATHER? If you ever wondered if that lovable snowman Olaf could ROCK, I just might have the answer.

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"I don't think I've ever been on a film where it feels like the public has made it their own. It really feels like it's their movie now," said Producer Peter Del Vecho about the whirlwind success and public embrace of Disney's FROZEN. This was in mid-February, just three weeks prior to the 86th Academy Awards, a ceremony during which FROZEN would be crowned "Best Animated Feature," and take home the Oscar for "Best Original Song" (for "Let It Go") on the very same day that the film would cross the $1 Billion mark at the global box office - a stunning set of accomplishments for a film that was just released theatrically a mere four months ago, and just five years ago, was shelved.

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Just a short while ago on THE TONIGHT SHOW, Jimmy Fallon & The Roots were joined by Idina Menzel to perform the Academy Award-winning song "Let It Go" from Disney's FROZEN... on classroom instruments. The complete song, done in a manner far more loose and entertaining than the Oscars version (and without John Travolta being an idiot), can be heard below...

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Last night, as a fresh blanket of snow appropriately fell from the sky here in Northern Illinois, I took my oldest Princess to our first Daddy/Daughter Dance. "Anna & Elsa's Fabulously Frozen Ball" was an experience both fantastic, and fascinating. As a Father, it was the first of many Daddy/Daughter Date Nights to come - first with Addie, and in a few years, with Little Finley. As a pop culture aficionado, it was incredible to see that a movie that hit theaters just three months ago, had already spawned a full-blown Park District production.

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What's new from the "House of Mouse" this week? A lot, as always, and right here you'll find quick updates with all the latest news from the World of Disney. From Walt Disney Motion Pictures to MARVEL, Pixar, Walt Disney Records, Disney Junior and more, here's the latest, including details on the first-ever compilation album from Disney Junior (DJ SHUFFLE), the making of MICKEY MOUSE: GET A HORSE, and some printables from MUPPETS MOST WANTED.

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