She was born in Detroit on an automobile assembly line.  But she is no ordinary automobile. Deep within her chassis lives an unholy presence.  She is Christine, a red and white 1958 Plymouth Fury whose unique standard equipment includes an evil, indestructible vengeance that will destroy anyone in her way.  

Thus goes the introduction to CHRISTINE, the 1983 John Carpenter film based upon Stephen King's novel of the same name. Now, 34 years later, Varèse Sarabande has reissued John Carpenter’s classic score for CHRISTINE on LP. The CHRISTINE– Original Motion Picture Score has been fully remastered and is been released on blue vinyl, with a splatter variant available via Newbury Comics.  The album features fantastic new art from award-winning movie poster artist Gary Pullin (“Ghoulish Gary”).

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On October 20, 2017, Sacred Bones Records will release John Carpenter ANTHOLOGY (Movie Themes 1974-1998), a newly-recorded collection of the filmmaker/composer's iconic and minimalist soundtracks. As part of the ramp-up, Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor and frequent collaborator Atticus Ross have issued their take on the unforgettable theme to John Carpenter's HALLOWEEN. Stream the nearly eight-minute track below as part of THE ROCK FATHER's 31 Days of Halloween...

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I always get asked about music for a Halloween Playlist, and while there's a lot of variables in the mix, I always like to sprinkle the unintentional Halloween songs with the classics. This year, the folks behind the long-running NOW series of compilations have made it easy by doing just that with the 2015 release of NOW THAT'S WHAT I CALL HALLOWEEN. The 18-track collection features classics from John Carpenter's HALLOWEEN, THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS and TRUE BLOOD, alongside some songs that have been featured right here at THE ROCK FATHER Magazine in previous 31 Days of Halloween countdowns - tracks from Rockwell, Rob Zombie, The Specials and more. 

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One of my favorite toy lines of the past year is one that falls into that "for the adult collector" category - ReAction Figures by Funko. First launched with a series based on a scrapped Kenner ALIENS line from the 80s, these figures take pop culture licenses from years past, and give them the action figures that they would have had should they had toys back in the days when the original, 5POA (five points of articulation) Vintage STAR WARS figures reigned supreme. Following figures from BACK TO THE FUTURE, THE GOONIES, PREDATOR and TERMINATOR, the folks at Funko are rolling out a series of six characters based on John Carpenter's 1986 classic, BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA. This wave includes Jack Burton (Kurt Russell), Gracie Law (Kim Cattrall), and David Lo Pan (James Hong) alongside Thunder, Rain and Lightning. Check 'em out below...