You love the old Kanye? Yeah, a lot of us do, but today a question was posited that I never thought to ask, and it was the work of Mr. West that gave us the answer. Can you "rap" with a guitar? Not just rap-rock, but actually vocalize the raps using only strings? The answer is yes, and Striking Matches just did it. This week, the duo of Sarah Zimmerman and Justin Davis released an all-guitar version of Kanye's 2005 hit, "Gold Digger". Watch the video (directed by Josh Kranich) below!

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I do consider myself somewhat of a "hamburger enthusiast." I make a good one here at home, but like pizza it's something to marvel at in how you can have a food product so simple, yet prepared and served so very differently based on regional preferences and tastes. Hardee's is one of those regional staples in some spots, and while it's been married to Carl's Jr. for awhile, I always think of it with the orange and blue logo. In fact, I built a Monogram model kit of the #18 Days of Thunder Chevy Lumina back around 1990 or so, prominently displaying that Hardee's goodness in my bedroom at the time. NASCAR + burgers... a very American thing, and that's back on my mind with this - a giant hamburger on the ground outside Nashville... the creation of Stan Herd, an "earthworks" crop artist. This massive "crop burger" was created for Hardee's as part of their new #TastesLikeAmerica campaign. See video of its creation below. Does it make you hungry?

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Kid Rock keeps riding that line between Detroit rock and Nashville twang, and on his latest single he's leaning back to that country side. “Tennessee Mountain Top” hits country radio beginning October 2, but the song arrived on digital platforms for sale and streaming today. Check it out in the player below and see what you think - personally, I'm digging it.

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One of the hottest new toys of 2017 here at Rock Father HQ is the latest American Girl - Girl of the Year (GOTY), Gabriella McBride. For the first time ever, the folks at Mattel revealed that their GOTY would remain available for the foreseeable future, and that change in routine was just the first move in what's shaping up to be a very big year. Ahead of Toy Fair getting started in New York this weekend, news has come down that American Girl will be introducing "a new series of contemporary characters and stories designed to speak to even more girls' interests, backgrounds, and experiences." It begins very soon - February 16 with the release of Tenney Grant, "a rising star in the Nashville music scene," and her drummer - American Girl's first-ever boy character, Logan Everett.

BOXTOP JENKINS' 2012 album YOU'RE HAPPIER WHEN YOU'RE HAPPY is a fun album, but one of many that I just haven't gotten to properly feature here on The Rock Father, despite it being released just over a year ago. But here we are in October, and with Halloween approaching once more, I'm circling back around to 'Ol Boxtop to feature a pair of tracks from that album - a duo that he himself has deemed "Spooky Sights and Nervous Nights." "Rattlin' Rattlin' Bones" features SHAWN MULLINS as the Spooky Skeleton, and "Gettin Down on Halloween" is a perfect little ditty that pays homage to some past frights (THE MUNSTERS for sure), and both land at Day 10 on 31 Days of Halloween this year. Stream them below, and as an added bonus - grab a FREE DOWNLOAD of Boxtop's Spooky Handsaw Halloween Howls!

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Skillet 155x114Here's a story for ya that comes from my pre-Rock Father days: A decade ago, I was nearing the end of my run at what was perhaps my last "normal" job - as Store Manager of a Sam Goody Record Store - a job that I fortunately left prior to watching the music industry as we knew it completely collapse. While I was still there, a band that was previously from the South somehow wound up in Kenosha, Wisconsin... and subsequently became occasional shoppers at my store (not far from there, in Gurnee, Illinois). That band was SKILLET, and the day that COLLIDE was released, the band stopped in to buy some copies first-hand - an old tradition of sorts for bands on release day. So here we are a decade later, and SKILLET is pretty much huge - having traveled the world, and racking up over 4 million fans on facebook. Now, the folks at Total Assault have partnered with The Rock Father and a few other upstanding websites to give readers a chance to hang with SKILLET in Chicago or Nashville.

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