Over the years, despite having enormous respect for the band, I've not usually considered myself a big fan of MACHINE HEAD - more of a casual one. My favorite album by them is THE BURNING RED, which tends to get knocked as being a blight on their back catalogue - but it's the one I fall back on. Now, as their their new album CATHARSIS approaches, I've found myself revisiting their past works thanks to Spotify, and enjoying them more than ever, while at the same time loving each new track released from CATHARSIS. Now comes a new one, with "Kaleidoscope" taking things pretty literally on the visual front. Check it out below, and look for the new record on January 26th via Nuclear Blast Entertainment.

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It's an odd synergy that Tesla Motors decided to release the video that they did today - on the eve of the release of FEAR FACTORY's GENEXUS (out 8/7 via Nuclear Blast Entertainment). For over two decades, Burton C. Bell and Dino Cazares have been bringing us tales of robotic uprising that often makes THE TERMINATOR look tame, and today comes this - a Tesla "Charger Prototype Finding its Way to Model S." Watch the video below, and then we'll discuss this a bit more...

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Some of you may recall that I have a bit of history with FEAR FACTORY, having had the opportunity to work with them on some videos for their last album, 2012's THE INDUSTRIALIST. This summer, FEAR FACTORY is back with a new album on a new label, with their Nuclear Blast Entertainment debut set for release on August 7th. GENEXUS is that album, and today the first single arrived, hitting the net with a new lyric video by UK-based editor Scott Rudd. Check out "Soul Hacker" right now...

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