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Napalm Records signs PRODUCT OF HATE...

Napalm RecordsThis is a very special announcement for THE ROCK FATHER... since 2010, I have been proud to Co-Manage PRODUCT OF HATE, but above all, they're my friends and brothers. Today the real adventure begins...

Hailing from the Kenosha, Wisconsin area, PRODUCT OF HATE have been crafting their vicious blend of groove, thrash, and new-wave metal for the past few years. Sharing the stage with some of the biggest bands in metal including TESTAMENT, LAMB OF GOD, GWAR, CHIMAIRA, UNEARTH, MESHUGGAH, JOB FOR A COWBOY & LAZARUS A.D.  PRODUCT OF HATE is now set to take on the world.

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There's a very slight chance that you might be having deja vu right now, as I did include the longform music video for PRODUCT OF HATE's THE UNHOLY MANIPULATOR in last year's 31 Days of Halloween. Reason it's back? I directed and edited the video, and it just became an Official Selection of the 2014 Open Wound Horror Film Festival, which means that those attending the Santa Fe Comic-Con next weekend will get a chance to see it on the big screen. When we filmed this, we'd always hoped that it would become something of a "perennial favorite" for each Halloween season, and that looks to be happening. After all, it's got some fairly horrific elements, and since I do run a family site, I wouldn't recommend this one for viewing around kids or at work (unless you work somewhere really cool).

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"I think I was in our bathroom and the wife said 'IT'S POSITIVE!,'" recalls Shaun Glass of THE BLOODLINE and BROKEN HOPE while discussing the moment he realized he'd soon become a father for the very first time. "I just was overwhelmed and couldn't believe it! It hit me the next morning, lying In bed thinking, 'Wow I'm going to be a father,'" he continues, thinking about his earliest days as a "Rock Father," ahead of #RockFathersDay 2014 as he prepares the next moves in his lengthy musical career, with one album by BROKEN HOPE just-released, and another from THE BLOODLINE in production now...

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TuneCoreIn addition to running this website, I've been known to work with a band or two on occasion. When it comes to digital distribution, I've always been of fan of (and used) TuneCore (even prior to starting an affiliate relationship). In fact, you may have seen a mention or two on here about PRODUCT OF HATE, a metal band that I work with on the management side and have directed some videos for. Their most recent singles? All distributed through TuneCore. Whether you're releasing a digital album, single or ringtone, TuneCore can take care of it. Thanks to TuneCore, we've placed the music of PRODUCT OF HATE on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play, XBOX Music, Rhapsody, eMusic, Muve Music and even the all-new Beats Music. Now the folks at TuneCore have asked me to share with you the news on how you can save big, and keep even more of YOUR MONEY from your digital sales.

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Doing a site that's largely family-friendly (sans the "For Grownups" section), it's always weird to think that I have a whole body of work that I can't share with my kids. Not yet, anyway. Between the music, films, videos, and comics I've done in the past, there's actually not really anything that's kid-friendly (again, not yet), but most of it came before I became I parent. Most, but not all. I give you PRODUCT OF HATE - THE UNHOLY MANIPULATOR (IMDb) a long-form music video that I directed and edited... a video that was released for Halloween 2012, but never properly featured here on The Rock Father. I should warn you, it's NSFW (not-safe-for-work), unless you happen to work somewhere really cool. It's Day 15 of 31 Days of Halloween 2013, and I'm going to show you the video and tell you a story...

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Some news from PRODUCT OF HATE, a band managed by The Rock Father himself, James Zahn...

Wisconsin-based metal crew PRODUCT OF HATE have released a Special Edition summer EP via Noisetrade, available immediately as a FREE DOWNLOAD. “Revolution of Destruction” b/w “A Well Deserved Death” pairs together the band’s recent digital singles for the very first time, while bringing their crushing sound to new listeners gratis. Both songs were recorded and engineered by Chris Wisco (LAZARUS A.D., JUNGLE ROT) at Belle City Sound in Racine, WI. Wisco previously helmed the band’s 2010 release, THE UNHOLY MANIPULATOR, which was mixed by James Murphy (DEATH, TESTAMENT, OBITUARY).

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