I stand behind the fact that the late Palisades Toys' Muppets line was ahead of its time - one of the finest action figure lines of this century. I wish I'd picked up more than just a few, but what I did manage to get is played with regularly here at Rock Father™ HQ by our daughters - a fact that might appall a certain segment of collector. While there was a lull in Muppets goodness, the folks at Diamond Select Toys have picked up the torch with their own Muppets line, and now they're gearing up for the first-ever action figure gift set in the DST collection. Available for pre-order now via my affiliate, Entertainment Earth (and local Comic Shops), The Swedish Chef will hit the streets in early 2019, bringing with him a massive number of accessories!

On August 21, Sweden's GHOST will release their latest album, MELIORA via Loma Vista Recordings in the U.S. and Spinefarm Records in Europe. The first album to feature vocalist Papa Emeritus III, the three month younger brother of Papa Emeritus II (confirmed to be "two mothers, one father"),  MELIORA will feature 10 tracks (full listing and cover art below), and today the first single has arrived in the form of "Cirice" (Church), which can be streamed below, and is available as a FREE DOWNLOAD in exchange for an email on the official GHOST website.

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With Pope Francis crowned at The Vatican today, it's just proper that the band GHOST... now known as GHOST B.C. in the U.S. ("for legal reasons") has released a new song entitled "Year Zero." It is by far, the grooviest Satanic Anthem celebrating the Glory and Majesty of "the ancient serpent deceiver" that I have ever heard. "Belial. Behemoth. Beelzebub. Asmodeus. Satanas. Lucifer!" The track comes as part of the now-failed attempt at electing Papa Emeritus II as Supreme Pontiff, with it having been unlocked on a special website launched to commemorate the occasion. Crank it up below!

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