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Brooklyn's CANDIRIA are a band that more people should know about - something I've been saying for many years, going back to when I first heard their album 300 Percent Density while working for the late Sam Goody back in 2001. Fusing metal, hardcore, jazz, and hip-hop, Candiria is back with a new album, While They Were Sleeping, set for release by Metal Blade Records on October 7th. It was recorded at Spaceman Sound in Brooklyn by Tom Tierney and Alex Mead-Fox, and produced by Candiria. Check out the new single, "Mereya," and all of the new album details below...

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Watch KORN's "Insane" New Music Video...

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On October 21, KORN will release their 12th studio album, THE SERENITY OF SUFFERING via Roadrunner Records.. As a longtime Korn fan (I first saw them on the infamous "Reckoning Day" Tour with Megadeth, Fear Factory and Flotsam & Jetsam back in '95), I'm digging what they've been putting out thus far, and with the first single, "Rotting in Vain" blowing up the charts, it's a little surprising that we're already getting a second single and video. "Insane" made its official debut over at Loudwire this morning, and you can now watch and listen below...

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Lyric Video: JESSE DAYTON - "Daddy Was A Badass"

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If you listen to SiriusXM Outlaw Country, you might've had a chance to catch JESSE DAYTON's new single, "Daddy Was A Badass" getting some virtual spins over the past few weeks. The track comes from Jesse's new album, THE REVEALER (previewed here), which will hit the streets on September 16 via Blue Elan Records. A lyric video has been released (see it below) and pre-orders are now live on the Blue Elan site (with exclusive offers) and all the usual spots like Amazon, iTunes, etc.

It came from out of nowhere, but the news is official - on November 18, 2016, METALLICA will release their new album, HARDWIRED... TO SELF-DESTRUCT! Not only are we getting a new album, but it's a double-album, with a third disc included in the Deluxe Edition. Today's announcement comes with the music video for "Hardwired," and it's a jam - a throwback with an appropriately simple video in black and white. The track is also streaming now on Spotify.  Get all the album details below!

Like many, I came into loving FAITH NO MORE (my favorite band of all-time) upon the release of 1989's THE REAL THING (I was not quite 13 at the time), not knowing at the time that prior to the addition of vocalist Mike Patton, there was a whole different era in which the band released two albums fronted by the very-different-sounding Chuck Mosley. Those albums, 1987's INTRODUCE YOURSELF and 1985's WE CARE A LOT were like doors into an alternate universe for me, albums that were surprising in their rawness, yet both fantastic, each in their own way. This Friday, WE CARE A LOT gets reissued as a "Deluxe Band Edition" via Bill Gould's Kool Arrow Records (check out special band-direct packages here), and there's listening parties in select cities, along with something unexpected - a pair of just-announced shows with Chuck Mosley fronting FNM again, August 18 at The Great American Music Hall in San Francisco, followed by August 20 at The Troubadour in Los Angeles. Check out the announcement video below, along with a stream of the remastered "We Care A Lot" that debuted on the Wall Street Journal earlier this week...

When Spotify and services like it first hit the scene, I was not a supporter - but I've become one, particularly for music discovery. When it comes to that "discovery," a lot of it comes down to new generations of listeners that are experiencing the older stuff for the very first time, and with that in mind, Spotify has launched Landmark - "an original video series about monumental moments in music history," and  "whether delving into the origins of thrash metal or the release of a classic album, each installment of Landmark enlists credible, eclectic voices to explain not just what happened, but why it still matters." Paired with themed companion playlists, listeners can dig deeper after they watch. On August 18, METALLICA: THE EARLY YEARS will make its debut, and tonight we've got a trailer...

Alt-rockers The Nearly Deads have launched a PledgeMusic campaign to help fund their forthcoming EP, scheduled for release in January 2017. Running from through 1/15/17, the campaign will provide fans with one-of-a-kind merchandise and experiences, including exclusive opportunities to interact with the band. Starting at $10 for a download of the new EP and an “Access Pass” to all Pledge-only updates, offers include signed merchandise (CDs, vinyl, posters, drum sticks), a “Zombie” bundle (a knowing nod to their fans, who are referred to as “zombies"), Skype hangouts, “Band" hangouts, personal “birthday" wishes, acknowledgement in the credits, song collaborations, an elaborate “Nearly Deads Scrapbook” (only two are being produced) and custom lyric art by singer Theresa Jeane. One lucky fan can even pledge to “Name the EP.”

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I had a chance to catch ALLEGAEON live a few times last year when my boys in PRODUCT OF HATE were out on the road with them for the "Get Rekt Tour." I'd long-had their albums in the library here at Rock Father HQ, but the live show is where they really excel, and it turned me into a bigger fan. On September 23, their catalog expands with the release of PROPONENT FOR SENTIENCE, their fourth full-length album for Metal Blade Records, and first to feature vocalist Riley McShane. Pre-order packages for the new album went live today, previews for which can be seen and heard below...

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As many of you are aware, outside of THE ROCK FATHER Magazine, one of my other endeavors involves artist management for PRODUCT OF HATE, and today we have some news...

As we prepare to announce the next round of Fall Tour Dates, we can now reveal that PRODUCT OF HATE has been added to the lineup for FULL TERROR ASSAULT II - a European-style true Open Air Metal Festival being held at the Hogrock Campgrounds in Cave In Rock, Illinois from August 25-27, 2016. The current lineup as of 8/6/2016 has PRODUCT OF HATE performing from 3:05-3:35pm on the National Rock Review Mainstage on Friday, August 26th. FULL TERROR ASSAULT boasts dozens of bands at an extremely low price, with passes starting at just $50. Get tickets here. PRODUCT OF HATE will perform songs from their Napalm Records debut, BURIED IN VIOLENCE, alongside an incredible lineup that includes SACRED REICH, VENOMOUS CONCEPT, LOCK-UP, DYING FETUS, HAMMER FIGHT, WACO JESUS, CEPHALIC CARNAGE, STARKILL and many more. Check out the current lineup and set-times below...

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Tower Records Doc gets a DVD Reissue...

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I'm not sure what the deal is with some recent documentaries (BACK IN TIME is one example) getting in-home releases and reissues less than a year apart, but ALL THINGS MUST PASS: THE RISE AND FALL OF TOWER RECORDS is the latest to get the treatment, hitting Blu-ray/DVD back in January via Filmrise, and now getting a September 13 DVD reissue at a slightly lower price point through MVD. Colin Hanks' acclaimed doc is a film I'd first written about way back in 2011 or so, and after a theatrical/VOD run through Gravitas Ventures last year, the film continues to grow legs as more music fans discover it and delve into the history of what was once one of the biggest names in music.

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Music Video: CLUTCH - "A Quick Death in Texas"

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One of my favorite bands is CLUTCH - a band I often cite as one of my "Top Five of All-Time." As they continue to support their latest album, PSYCHIC WARFARE, a new video has arrived for "A Quick Death in Texas," and you can check out the appropriately western-themed clip from director David Brodsky below.

It should be no secret to readers of this site or those who know me well that FAITH NO MORE are my favorite band of all-time. If not for them, this site probably wouldn't exist (story here) - their presence felt daily (even my ringtone is "Absolute Zero"). The past few years have been a great time to be a FNM fan. They reactivated in 2009, released a new record in 2015, reissued Deluxe Editions of 1989's THE REAL THING and 1992's ANGEL DUST, and I was able to see them twice here in Chicago last year. Now comes news that following the August 19th "Deluxe Band Edition" of 1985's WE CARE A LOT being issued through Bill Gould's Kool Arrow Records, Rhino will issue Deluxe Editions of 1995's KING FOR A DAY... FOOL FOR A LIFETIME and 1997's ALBUM OF THE YEAR, each remastered and packed with bonus material. Available on September 9 and up for pre-order now, you can see the tracklistings below...

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