If you live here in the 'States, there's a pretty solid chance that if you're familiar with the band SPACE, you know them from one song only - their 1996 single, "Female of the Species." The retro vibe of that song tapped into the moment - a time when audiences were embracing the 60's, and nothing solidified that more than its remixed inclusion on the soundtrack for AUSTIN POWERS: INTERNATIONAL MAN OF MYSTERY in 1997. SPIDERS, the album from which that single came, became one of my favorite albums of the 90s, and while SPACE became popular in their UK home (and elsewhere in the world), like many great bands, their audience in the U.S. just never materialized in the way that it should have. Eager for the release of their next album, TIN PLANET, I was disappointed when it didn't receive a proper Stateside release (it since has), and SPACE became a mystery whose music was hard to track down in those early days of the internet boom, with the geographic availability paired with a hard-to-search name making less-savory outlets the only place to dig for treasure until the 2005 release of a 2-Disc GREATEST HITS collection that paired songs from their first two albums with remixes and b-sides. You can imagine my surprise when an email arrived at Rock Father HQ this morning with a simple message: "SPACE are back!"

This Fall, the biggest band in the world* is going on a North American Tour. ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS: LIVE ON STAGE! is a brand new, music­‐filled interactive live show featuring the Chipmunks and Chipettes - America’s favorite animated music groups. They'll be rockin' stages in 50 venues for a total of 80 shows, performing hits from MAROON 5, ONE DIRECTION, ELVIS PRESLEY, CARLY RAE JEPSEN and many others. Check out the dates below...

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Listen to the "Majesty" of GHOST...

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Now this is a great way to kick-off a Friday! After getting repeated compliments online and off yesterday for my GHOST t-shirt, this day has begun with an email alerting me to the release of "Majesty" - the latest single to come forth from MELIORA, the third album by GHOST. There's some melodies and tone in here that make this one feel like a sonic sequel to "Cirice," and that's certainly not a bad thing. Papa Emeritus III and The Nameless Ghouls will release their new record on August 21st via Loma Vista Recordings.  Listen to "Majesty" below...

DROWNING POOL's 2001 single "Bodies" has not only become the band's signature song, but one parodied and covered in countless ways. The latest new spin on an old favorite comes from SOCK PUPPET PARODY, who have re-recorded the song and issued a new music video shot on-location in a Texas laundromat. When you have to "let the laundry hit the floor," it might as well be some cool skate socks, right? Check out the sock puppet version of DROWNING POOL below!

When July/August rolls around each year, I send out dozens of reply emails that have a variation on "No, I won't be attending Lollapalooza"/"I'm not covering Lollapalooza." Despite living in Chicago's Northern Suburbs, Lollapalooza for me is not the true Lollapalooza - the traveling festival that I was lucky enough to attend in the 1990s. In fact, Lollapalooza '93 was my first paid gig as a photographer, so there's a connection there. As a permanent, Chicago-based event, Lollapalooza just has not come up with a lineup compelling enough for me to attend. Sure, they drop in a handful of bands that I dig each year, but I'd never drop the money or deal with the hassle of attending the fest as it stands right now. Eventually, they might "wow" me, but for now, I'm in the RIOT FEST camp. Want to see a lineup that I can fully get behind? Look at RIOT FEST Chicago's schedule... not THAT is a lineup! As for Lollapalooza, there's highlights online every year from bands that I would dig seeing, and METALLICA is an example. Here's their highlight reel from Lollapalooza 2015 - complete with performances of "Wherever I May Roam" and "Am I Evil?" -- Old Crankypants

Becoming a parent changes you - and although it's cliche to say that, it's completely true. I'm an example of that, and no matter what your age (I was almost 33 when we had Addie), there's "growing up" involved when it happens for the first time. While I became "The Rock Father" in 2009, this site wasn't here yet, and although everything may have appeared just perfect - the first year was actually pretty hard from an emotional standpoint and some changes in lifestyle and scheduling had to happen. MACKLEMORE is experiencing some of that right now, his daughter born on May 29th - just over two months ago. Today he and Ryan Lewis released a new single as a free download - a single that is for Sloane Ava Simone Haggerty - but also being offered to all of us - music and words that will most certainly resonate with parents. It comes with a note (available here), and the total package has really moved me - his voice sharing wisdom with his little girl, but also trying to find balance between the work he has to do to support his family. Listen to MACKLEMORE & RYAN LEWIS - "Growing Up (Sloane's Song)" featuring ED SHEERAN below...

Los Angeles' THE AUGMENTS PROJECT have just released a video for the title track of their debut EP, AWAKEN (available on Bandcamp). "The track 'Awaken' was the first song we all wrote together, so it holds special weight for us all. The ideology of the band is for us all to shine in our skill sets, and I think that happened," states frontman Jimmy Trigger. "The result: something fresh & new but hinting that old skool influence. 'Awaken' is an aggressive song that got me to delve into emotions that I haven't visited in quite a while -- dealing with the turmoil of life and doing our best to succeed regardless." Check it out below.

This certainly came out of nowhere - an unexpected press release from Hasbro Studios and Sony Music/Legacy Recordings announcing this Friday's release of TRULY OUTRAGEOUS: A JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS TRIBUTE. It's no secret that my wife and I are JEM fans and have been introducing the girls to that world, and with a live-action movie arriving on October 23, the buzz is building. Labeled as "A TRIBUTE TO STARLIGHT RECORDS" on its cover, this 12-song album reimagines music from the classic animated series, and is up for pre-order now on Amazon and iTunes as a digital-only release. Songs come from the 65-episode run on Hasbro's JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS, featuring songs from that band, as well as THE MISFITS and THE STINGERS.

Slang Metalfest VII has just been announced for September 19, 2015 at the Vermillion County Fairgrounds in Oakwood, Illinois. The open air festival will feature performances by POWERMAN 5000 (pictured, top), BUTCHER BABIES, BATTLECROSS, BLUE FELIX, THE BLOODLINE, PRODUCT OF HATE, DEAD HORSE TRAUMA and more. Tickets for the All-Ages (21 to drink) event are on-sale for just $20 in advance via AttendStar ($30 at the door). Those in the area can also pick them up in-person at Vintage Villains or Chart Records. 

There's an L.A.-based duo called SNAKED (Hugh Myrone and Depressed Teenager) that just debuted a new single called "Paul Stanley" via NestHQ, and it's worth a listen. They're calling it RDM (Rockstar Dance Music), and over the top of the beats and riffs sits the onstage banter of the KISS vocalist for which the song is named. There's a couple of "Ohs" and "Woos" that sound more like VAN HALEN's David Lee Roth from the famed "Running With the Devil" acapella takes, but it's a tune all about Paul. Check it out below... 

Moments ago, Disney's DESCENDANTS (read my review here) finished its debut airing on Disney Channel, introducing audiences to The United States of Auradon, and the children of some iconic Disney Villains (and some heroic counterparts). The musical from Director/Choreographer Kenny Ortega (read my interview here) is already blowing up social media (#Descendants has been trending Globally tonight), and if you're wanting to relive those musical moments - you're in luck! My friends at Disney have just uploaded every musical number to the Disney Music VEVO Channel on YouTube, and I've assembled them into a handy playlist that's viewable below! But that's not all - want to own the music? The DESCENDANTS Soundtrack is now available from Amazon and iTunes.

Yesterday, after covering MARVEL's ANT-MAN extensively here on THE ROCK FATHER Magazine in recent weeks, The Rock Daughters and I took an afternoon detour to catch a matinee screening of the film in 3D at a local Regal Cinema. They had yet to see the film (which I love - read my review here), and while they're technically young for a PG-13 film, I stand behind my words in that this really is a MARVEL film for the entire family.  Addie absolutely LOVED the film, giggling, laughing and cheering throughout, while little Finn fell asleep and missed 90% of it (in fairness, it was during her regular naptime). Upon exiting, I overheard another audience member mention "that mambo scene wasn't in the movie," which is exactly what prompted me to pen another ANT-centric post. As is the case with many films, there's a lot of deleted scenes and unused footage that makes it's way into trailers and TV spots for a film, and that's happened quite a bit with ANT-MAN. In one such spot that celebrates the film's #1 opening at the box office, the crew of Paul Rudd's Ant-Man (aka the #Antourage) is seen dancing to a swinging little number that's raised a common question: "What is that song?" Well, I can tell you that it's a tune called "Mr. Mambo," and it's the "Hips Mix" version by electro-jazz duo 11 ACORN LANE (Thomas Feurer and Neal Pawley) that appears in said spot.

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