Around the beginning of the 21st Century, Los Angeles rockers EARSHOT were rising stars in a crowded pack. With a pair of albums released by Warner Bros. (2002's LETTING GO and 2004's TWO), the band scored a placement on the QUEEN OF THE DAMNED soundtrack, had gamers feeling the groove on MADDEN 2005 and WWE's LEGENDS OF WRESTLING II, and logged major tours with the likes of STONE TEMPLE PILOTS, KID ROCK and STAIND. Then, just as many artists of the era did, they found themselves in label-limbo after the big industry crash, only to re-emerge with THE SILVER LINING in 2008 via Fontana/Universal. In the years since, many things have changed, and "change" is a good thing to have in mind when considering AFTERMATH, a new 5-song "Mini-LP" that marks the first new music from EARSHOT in over five years, following a single release back in 2009. Headed-up by EARSHOT vocalist and songwriter Wil Martin with production by Sam Hughes, AFTERMATH is out today, and for a limited-time (through April 20), readers of THE ROCK FATHER can get the whole thing for just a buck! Details and promo code below...

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etaimmortalOn September 17, EVE TO ADAM will release their new album, LOCKED & LOADED (3for5 / MRI / Sony Red). The band recently-released the second single from the album, "Immortal," which follows "Straightjacket Supermodel" in giving listeners a taste of the new record. I've got the new track streaming right here on The Rock Father, so check it out...

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I really dig THE PRETTY RECKLESS. Actually, I had to unearth my reviews of their first album to post here on The Rock Father after it was lost in the internet after the place I wrote it for closed a couple of years ago. That said, the band - frontwoman TAYLOR MOMSEN, BEN PHILLIPS (guitar), JAMIE PERKINS (drums) and MARK DAMON (bass)- have announced plans to give listeners a new taste of their new album (due late 2013) on Mondays.. HELL MONDAYS... starting this week. Yes, I know I'm sharing this news on a Wednesday, but what can I say? I've been busy...

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If you're visiting The Rock Father, there's a solid chance that you're a rocker... but are you an EARTH ROCKER? That's the title of the new album from CLUTCH (due out March 2013 via Weathermaker Music), and the title track has now been unleashed via Brooklyn Vegan. The track hit the web today alongside a new interview with guitarist Tim Sult. 

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Monday, November 05 2012 19:40

Ozomatli presents OzoKidz (Album Review)

One of those bands that defies the rules of typical classification, Ozomatli has long bent genres with their funky blend of rock, hip-hop, and latin grooves. Chances are, even if you don't know Ozomatli, you've likely still heard Ozomatli and bumped along to their soundtrack-staple, "Saturday Night" on occasion. Still not sure? Check this and come back. Sound familiar? Now, Ozomatli has entered the kindie realm with the release of Ozomatli Presents OzoKidz.

I've been procrastinating on writing my review, but the recently-released DANKO JONES DVD, BRING ON THE MOUNTAIN absolutely rules. Is that my review right there? Maybe, maybe not, but it's a rockumentary well-worth checking out. Now comes news that DANKO JONES will release their new album, ROCK AND ROLL IS BLACK AND BLUE on October 9, 2012. If it's anything like their last album, chances are this one will rock hard and rule all as well...

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