SYSTEM OF A DOWN frontman SERJ TANKIAN has released 'Figure it Out,' the first music video from his forthcoming album HARAKIRI. The third solo album from Tankian will see it's release on July 10th via Reprise Records/Serjical Strike. The video for 'Figure it Out' can be viewed below, while the single is now available on iTunes.

Keeping busy on Baby Watch 2012, I've been behind on the music news. Since the publicists and artists have been looking for coverage, I'm always happy to help when I can, so that means it's time for another list of rapid-fire updates on over 40 bands and artists from around the music spectrum. This is also when the not-neccessarily family-friendly content gets a spot on The Rock Father homepage, so be warned.

An email landed here at Rock Father HQ last night with a link to CANDLELIGHT RED's new video, 'She's Got the Look.' I figured if it wasn't some variation of the ROXETTE song, 'The Look,' I wouldn't post it. Luckily, it was a straight-up cover with a video shot in a warehouse controlled by the family of Stanley Kubrick. It's a pretty good cover, and you can check out the video below. Oh, complete sidenote: Bands, let's please stop using 'Candle,' 'Light,' and 'Red' in potential names. We've already got RED, REDLIGHT KING, CANDLELIGHT RECORDS, CANDLELIGHT RED, etc...

Old-School 'progressive-power-thrash' metallers SACRED OATH have released their career-spanning SPELLS AND INCANTATIONS: THE BEST OF SACRED OATH as an iTunes exclusive prior to the wide release in both physical and digital versions on May 29th.  To promote the release, a video for 'Blood Storm' has been created from archival materials and can be viewed below.

Musicbot 6000 with breaking news just into Rock Father HQ...

This summer, two of the biggest names in metal, LAMB OF GOD and DETHKLOK, will join forces for a 34-show North American tour kicking off on August 1 in Seattle, Wash. The three-time Grammy® Award-nominated band from Richmond, VA and the world’s most brutal animated death band from Adult Swim’s Metalocalypse animated series will shred their way through cities throughout in the U.S. and Canada ending September 15 in San Francisco, CA.

If you've ever dug EVERCLEAR, you're going to enjoy their new single,  'Be Careful What You Ask For.'  The song recalls the big hits of EVERCLEAR past, a reminder of why the band hit so big with songs like  'Santa Monica,' and 'Wonderful' - Art Alexakis is capable of writing perfect pop-rock songs when so-inclined. Check out the new track streaming below courtesy of Spinner.

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