ltjsurpriseIt came as a shock to everyone last week when LESS THAN JAKE turned off their cloaking device to reveal a brand-new EP, completed and released to the unsuspecting masses. Like a postcard from thin air, GREETINGS FROM... is said to be the Gainesville ska-punkers 287th release, and hardly sounds like something from a band with a full 286 records before it.

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Saturday, January 22 2011 00:00


ltj tvepFlorida ska-punkers LESS THAN JAKE have a long history of bringing some light-hearted humor into their music, and that same attitude takes center stage on their latest release, the TV EP. Crafted in terms of "Channels" as opposed to songs, the TV EP is meant to give listeners the experience of flipping channels on television, jumping from show-to-show, complete with commercial breaks in-between with the difference being that all of these are theme songs and jingles as covered by LTJ. Though undoubtedly throwing a nod to the 80's/early 90's, newer fare is here as well, all delivered as if you were still checking out your favorite shows on an analog set adorned with rabbit ears on top.

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