125victoryThe Holiday Sweater. It's a timeless tradition, one whose popularity has only grown in recent years... moving beyond just properly woven seasonal garments, and into the realm of sweatshirts and t-shirts inspired by these hand-crafted American artisan treasures. A Holiday Sweatshirt is a great gift idea for any special someone in your life, and if that special someone enjoys a little ROCK, then chances are, the folks at Chicago's own Victory Records have just what you're looking for. This year, Victory has issued a limited-edition run of Holiday Sweatshirts and matching t-shirts featuring REVEREND HORTON HEAT, THE BUNNY THE BEAR, EMMURE, OTEP, CLOSE YOUR EYES, and TERROR, along with a matching Victory Records pair. In the spirit of giving, Victory Records has teamed-up with The Rock Father to get three lucky readers hooked-up with incredible prize packs from some of their favorite bands!

Wednesday, January 23 2013 00:24

OTEP - "Hydra" (Album Review)

In one of my past lives as a music writer, I might've spent a great deal of time breaking down the sonic content of HYDRA, the just-released and proclaimed "final album" from OTEP. 2013 certainly brings with it a new era, and one where I'll just cut to the chase and tell you this: HYDRA is not a good album.

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Wednesday, May 04 2011 00:00

OTEP - ATAVIST (Album Review)

VR638At first listen, something that becomes very apparent about the new album from OTEPis that it sounds a bit different than the recent recorded output from musical auteur OTEP SHAMAYA and her co-conspirators. Like it's namesake, ATAVIST, the album is a resurgence of the passionate anger that flowed so heavily through her vocals on SEVAS TRA and HOUSE OF SECRETS nearly a decade ago. While a call to action has always been present in OTEP releases, there was an abrasiveness in those early releases that had been sanded down and polished-up in recent years. ATAVIST scratches the paint to expose the innards to the elements - allowing the rust to bleed through like the imperfection found within life itself.

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