There is absolutely no way that I can post a news item relating to Bob Marley on this website without making something very clear: I do not like the music of Bob Marley. This is something that I've mentioned in passing, and truthfully, I get pitched Marley-related topics (and reggae in general) pretty frequently, and usually don't post them. Along with Marley, I tend to also not like most of the artists he's inspired, and it's solely because his particular brand of reggae just has that "nails on a chalkboard" vibe for me... though I'd actually much rather hear genuine nails on a chalkboard. In fact, Bob Marley would be on my "Top Five Most Disliked Artists of All-Time" list, should I ever publish one. That said (and perhaps it might even diminish the good in the rest of this article), there is a new, kid-centric take on the music of Bob Marley that is coming out on April 28, and should that be your bag - you just might want to check it out with your little ones. I appreciate that Marley's music holds a very positive message for many, but listening to it is just audio torture for me. Details below...

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Tuesday, August 20 2013 19:52

Listen: SKINDRED - "Ninja" #KillThePower

I dig SKINDRED. Actually, I've dug frontman Benji Webbe going back to DUB WAR (I still have my original PAIN CD that came out on Earache in the mid 90s), and SKINDRED's TASTE OF CHAOS Christmas release, "Jungle Bells" is a seasonal staple here at Rock Father HQ. Now, SKINDRED is prepping to release a new album called KILL THE POWER, and I'm looking forward to it. When will it come out? Only they know for sure... but they've unleashed the "Ninja" with a brand-new track that you can stream below. Give it a listen and let me know what you think...

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Having covered THE DIRTY HEADS at length on the last site I worked for, I've long-respected the band while not necessarily getting into them. Despite loving surf rock, I'm not a big 'beach' guy, and that's probably what kept them at a distance. I tend to skip the Jimmy Buffett and leave the Sublime with Rome to someone else. With the release of THE DIRTY HEADS' latest album, CABIN BY THE SEA (out now in standard and deluxe editions), something hit me and became very clear: their sun-drenched, beach-infused vibes are irresistible.

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With Mother's Day fast-approaching (it's this Sunday, May 13 - so go get those cards!), THE HARMONICA POCKET is serving up a FREE DOWNLOAD of their new song, ''Happy Mother's Day (Reggae Version).'' The song will be one of many included on their August release, APPLE APPLE, and was recorded at their ''solar-powered studio on a tiny island in the Pacific Northwest.'' Stream it and download through the widget below.

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While browsing the racks at Record Breakers in Chicago last night (part of the Reggie's complex), I happened to notice the Record Store Day exclusive version of Rockabye Baby's Lullaby Renditions of THE SMITHS. That record led to a discussion about kids music with one of the employees in the store, who informed me that something cool is about to take place for music-loving parents and kids: THE AGGROLITES will be performing their Yo Gabba Gabba! song 'Banana' as part of a FREE IN-STORE FOR KIDS on Saturday, May 19th, 2012.

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