Sunday, February 06 2011 00:00


MV0008 TuckFromHell Trashing Artwork CMYKAs a serious entry into the new wave of thrash metal, TUCK FROM HELL's debut album THRASHING is a head-scratcher. As a comedy album, however...

While the music itself is competent, the vocals are sheer parody. Picture a cute little James Hetfield in about seventh grade, belting out the "yeah yeaaaaaah!'s" as he talks about "sipping on Gin & Juice" and "drinking a beer with Beelzebub," on the album opener "Barbeque Beast." Next, the band asks that you "Ride the Lightning... INTO THE PIT!" on "Death Before to Disco" before cranking into "Tuckerz," which appears to be a love-letter to their (alleged) legion of fans who are said to call themselves 'tuckers.' Yes, KISS has the KISS ARMY, SLIPKNOT has the MAGGOTS, ICP has the JUGGALOS, and now TUCK FROM HELL brings you the TUCKERS.

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