Released elsewhere in the World nearly a year ago, SILENT MACHINE, the full-length debut from Australia's TWELVE FOOT NINJA has quietly been available via iTunes in the 'States despite having no "official" U.S. release. That changes on October 1, when SILENT MACHINE gets a physical release in the United States (complete with a pair of acoustic bonus tracks) and the band hits the road with PERIPHERY, BORN OF OSIRIS, and DEAD LETTER CIRCUS. Having had the original digital version of the album here at Rock Father HQ for quite awhile, I feel like I've been holding out by not sharing some words on it yet. Why, you ask? Because, I have experienced the SILENT MACHINE, and oh, what a glorious machine it is...

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Australian badasses TWELVE FOOT NINJA released their album SILENT MACHINE last year, and despite a proper release in the United States (you can get it on iTunes), it continues to grow legs through rotation on Sirius XM's LIQUID METAL. Now, the band is readying their next "Epic Video" directed by guitarist Steve "Stevic" McKay.

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