Just in time for the debut of ASH VS. EVIL DEAD on Starz this Halloween, the folks over at Shout! Factory have issued the ARMY OF DARKNESS Collector's Edition Blu-ray - a 3-disc set that includes all the different cuts of the 1992 cult classic. While all of the films in The EVIL DEAD Trilogy have been reissued numerous times over the years, this looks to be the most complete treatment that ARMY OF DARKNESS has ever received - thus earning it a spot in my annual 31 Days of Halloween.

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As I usually do when I post about a crowdfunding effort, I need to preface this with a warning: Just because I am posting about a Kickstarter project, that is not an invitation to open the floodgates for more crowdfunding pitches. Seriously, every single time I post about a Kickstarter or IndieGoGo, I will get a dozen+ crappy pitches in my inbox by the next morning, so please - before you submit a crowdfunding effort, read this. Again, read this.

Bruce Campbell wants your money. This time, it's to make a new season of LAST FAN STANDING, the pop culture game show that Campbell (THE EVIL DEAD, BURN NOTICE, OLD SPICE) hosts himself. Filmed on-location and "live-to-tape" at Wizard World Comic Con events around the country, LAST FAN STANDING gave con-goers "the chance to prove their status as the ultimate Fanboy or Fangirl for a global internet audience on CONtv." If you want Season Two, here's your chance to be involved - just announced at a media event at the in-progress Wizard World Comic Con Chicago.

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We all know that little kids can be little "Hell-raisers" on occasion, but somewhere there's a place where all of those children can "just be kids" - no matter which home or horror movie they might spawn from. Happy Dreams Daycare is the setting for this 2013 short from CollegeHumor that just landed here at Rock Father HQ. New to me, perhaps not to you, but I'm sharing it anyway. After all, who knew that Damien from THE OMEN, those little cuties from John Carpenter's VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED and Stephen King's CHILDREN OF THE CORN, Samara from THE RING and Regan from THE EXORCIST where such big fans of the Necronomicon at story time?

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The headline to this post is completely misleading. Yes, the much-touted remake of the EVIL DEAD has hit theaters, but no - there is no kids' version on the way. But characters from the third installment of the original trilogy (ARMY OF DARKNESS) are getting a pretty cute makeover when they become a part of Funko Toys' ever-growing line of Pop! Vinyl Figures later this year. Bruce Campbell will be there as ASH, and you might find a DEADITE or two. But they won't be alone come September...

The fact that a remake of the EVIL DEAD actually happened makes me glad that I'm not still working in the "horror business" full-time. I imagine that the horror sites have just about hit the overkill level of hype for the flick, which I just watched the trailer for tonight. Not impressed. The original was fun. This doesn't look fun at all. That said, the original score by Roque Baños will be released by La-La Land Records next month, and there's a good chance that it will be better than the film itself. Check out the official announcement, which arrived here at Rock Father HQ earlier this evening...