Tuesday, February 16 2016 19:49

Chicago Open Air - Full Lineup Announced!

The full lineup for the First Annual CHICAGO OPEN AIR Music Festival has been released, and I'm digging it. The Chicagoland area hasn't seen a lineup like this in quite some time, and among the ones that had long-been rumored (DISTURBED, SLIPKNOT, FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH), there's some pleasant surprises - like the mighty HELMET, who actually received some premium poster space for this one. Perhaps the only thing that could make this better for me is if PRODUCT OF HATE were on the bill, but alas, they will likely be touring elsewhere in July as it is. Check out the official announcement for Chicago Open Air below...

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Since I'm out on the road this week doing a Great American Road Trip as part of my 2014 #RockFatherTour, some of the mainstream rock sites beat me to the punch on this one, but I need to share this here on THE ROCK FATHER as well... news that my friends at Roma Music Group have just released LULLABY VERSIONS OF FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH as part of their popular and fast-growing TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE ROCK STAR series of lullabies. Check out the lullaby version of "Battle Born" below!

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Judging from the hit-count on my blog posting yesterday that featured a 22-second snippet of a new SOUNDGARDEN song slated for inclusion on THE AVENGERS Soundtrack, I'd say interest in both the film and the band are pretty high. Well, earlier today, Disney sent over the full tracklisting for AVENGERS ASSEMBLE: Music From and Inspired by The Motion Picture. Additionally, The Rock Father has learned that the aforementioned SOUNGARDEN cut Live to Rise will be featured over the end credits of the film.  Check out the full tracklisting and all the artists below.

5fdpcoverartIf they didn't make it clear on 2009's WAR IS THE ANSWERFIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH are a divisive outfit when it comes to their sonic merits. If you didn't like the band then, you sure as hell won't enjoy AMERICAN CAPITALIST, so you might as well close your browser or surf elsewhere rather than reading any further. For their third album, the band builds upon the structure of their first two and comes off bigger, badder, and ready to aim and fire at detractors.

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