NEW YEARS DAY - Victim to VillainNEW YEARS DAY just hit the road for the full, 40-date run of the 2013 Vans Warped Tour, and with their latest album, VICTIM TO VILLAIN out now on Century Media, the time has come for a new lyric video. Right here on The Rock Father, you can check out "Death of the Party," the latest visual accompaniment to be release in support of the new record.

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In a weird tie-in to my past adventures in rock comes some news from DAWN OF ASHES. A few years back, I worked with some folks on the former management side of DOA when they were promoting their Metal Blade Records release, GENOCIDE CHAPTERS. The band evolved, management changed, and eventually Kristof and the DOA crew found a new home at Metropolis Records, who released the new DAWN OF ASHES record, ANATHEMA this week. Now, my friend Tom is doing some PR for DOA, and today I've got a FREE DOWNLOAD from ANATHEMA for all of you. Stream/Download "Poisoning The Steps of Babel (feat. Nero Bellum)" below!

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Is it Halloween in April? Weird to follow-up a post about toys based on THE MUNSTERS with this...

I've known about these for a bit, but now that photos for all of them have surfaced online, it's time to discuss a forthcoming wave of the Hot Wheels "Pop Culture" cars... UNIVERSAL HORROR.

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The action figure-slinging badasses over at Diamond Select Toys hit The Rock Father with news on some of their latest goodies, the perfect way to help expose your kids to the glory of THE MUNSTERS. Following-up two successful runs of figures from the classic TV series, THE MUNSTERS SELECT Series 3 is the "HotRod" series - a new collection of figures, each packed with a piece required to build their famous staircase, complete with Eddie's buddy, Spot. Check 'em out below.

The fact that a remake of the EVIL DEAD actually happened makes me glad that I'm not still working in the "horror business" full-time. I imagine that the horror sites have just about hit the overkill level of hype for the flick, which I just watched the trailer for tonight. Not impressed. The original was fun. This doesn't look fun at all. That said, the original score by Roque Baños will be released by La-La Land Records next month, and there's a good chance that it will be better than the film itself. Check out the official announcement, which arrived here at Rock Father HQ earlier this evening...

Thursday, October 25 2012 00:00

31 Days of Halloween: Dear Dracula

When I set the DVR to record the premiere of a new animated Halloween special called DEAR DRACULA on Cartoon Network, I had no idea that it was based on a graphic novel. Sure enough, the special was adapted from a 2008 story by Joshua Williamson and Vincente "Vinny" Navarrete that was released through Image Comics' Shadowline imprint. Why did I set the DVR to record? I thought it would be a cute special for my daughter to watch.

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