Getting a film made - whether independent or big-budget - is a crapshoot and a struggle, something I've personally had some experience with over the years. It's often those long-gestating projects that hold the most meaning, and for activist and artist Vincent Gagliostro, that project is AFTER LOUIE - a film that he will soon direct from a screenplay that he's co-written with NYC writer/actor Anthony Johnston. Bridging generations and shaped by Gagliostro's own experiences as an original member of ACT UP (The AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power), AFTER LOUIE tells the story of an artist and former AIDS activist (portrayed by Alan Cumming) "that has become disillusioned with the world around him until he meets a young man." The film is currently on Kickstarter with $17,383 of a $72,500 goal raised with 15 days remaining in the campaign. See the pitch for the film below, complete with words from the cast and filmmakers.

31 Days of DEATH WALKS THE STREETS - Day 12: There were plenty of weird occurrences when it came to the development of the DWTS project, and while they may have appeared strange from an outsider's perspective (we drew the ire of some other independent filmmakers along the way), from my seat it was even more overwhelmingly bizarre. How about getting nominated for awards based on a movie that hadn't even been shot yet? It happened... twice. While I'll discuss the second instance shortly, how did DEATH WALKS THE STREETS get nominated for an EMMY Award? One word: MySpace.

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31 Days of DEATH WALKS THE STREETS - Day 11: When crafting the Halloween issue of the DWTS comic book, we worked in a lot of influences, most of which are rooted in why DWTS exists in the first place - a love of movies. In the Vetala Theatre scene, we featured it decorated for a major Halloween bash (one I will show in more detail later this month), and we hoped to capture a little of that "magic of the movies" - even just the vibe of being in a grand old theatre, with this moment right here, when Danielle first gets a glimpse inside the main auditorium, where a band would soon play, followed by some movies...

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31 Days of DEATH WALKS THE STREETS - Day 10: You could say that "multi-tasking" was an understatement for some members of the DWTS development team, and there may be no better example than the work put in by designer Gregory Hill. While I've already shared some of his set designs here, Greg had also been working on ideas for the costume design of what should've been the first DEATH WALKS THE STREETS film, had it lensed as scheduled somewhere between 2005-2007. Actor/Musician Christian Kane, then fresh from the BUFFY spin-off ANGEL (he's since starred in LEVERAGE and soon will be seen in THE LIBRARIANS), had been cast in the lead role of Michael Labou, and you can see some of that influence in the designs I'm sharing below...

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Me Grimlock!There's something very familiar about TRANSFORMERS: THE PREMAKE, the new documentary that's making the rounds like wildfire today, fast-becoming a viral hit. Crafted by Chicago filmmaker Kevin B. Lee, TRANSFORMERS: THE PREMAKE offers a unique look at filmmaking in 2014 - a place where keeping things "under wraps" is a distant memory, and behind-the-scenes secrets are revealed almost instantly due to the smartphone generation and the immediacy of sites like YouTube, Instagram and Vine. The story started as Lee began independently documenting the Chicago-area filming of TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION, which hits theatres next Friday via Paramount Pictures. During his own filming, Lee realized that everyone else was filming, too.

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