I've attended more than a few sausage parties throughout my life, so when an email from SONY hit my inbox at Rock Father HQ this evening alerting me to their SAUSAGE PARTY EPK, I wasn't sure what they were going for. Then I remembered... there's a naughty film coming out, what's being touted as the "First-Ever R-Rating CG Movie" - meaning: DON'T SHOW THIS TRAILER TO YOUR LITTLE KIDS. You see, they'll want to see it - but it will terrify them! Check out the Red-Band Trailer below...

According to star Seth Rogen, THE NIGHT BEFORE is a movie that "was made by Jews about Christmas and opens on Thanksgiving." That's completely accurate, and Columbia/Sony Pictures' forthcoming Xmas comedy marks the first time that I've kicked-off a Holiday Movie Season by featuring a film that's completely not family-friendly. In fact, unless you work somewhere really cool, the just-released red-band trailer is probably not even safe for your place of employment. Funny enough, Rogen's church scene is pretty close to my own visits to a house of worship... minus the Star of David sweater. 

NEIGHBORSOn September 23, Universal Studios Home Entertainment will release NEIGHBORS on Blu-ray and DVD. The comedy about a pair of new parents clashing with a local fraternity scored big with audiences, and while SETH ROGEN and ZAC EFRON may have scored top billing on the box, audiences love ROSE BYRNE. That said, Universal and THE ROCK FATHER have teamed-up for a NEIGHBORS Giveaway in which one (1) lucky reader will take home the Blu-ray + DVD + Digital HD Combo Pack. Enter to win, and check out a special feature on why Rose Byrne is a nearly universal "girl crush" below.

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