The 2010 Australian film, WASTED ON THE YOUNG is gearing up for a 'Stateside DVD release after previously-hitting VOD (you can grab it on iTunes now), and to get the hype machine rolling, a new music video for the HEALTH track "Die Slow" has been assembled using footage from the film. You can check out the new video below. WASTED ON THE YOUNG arrives on DVD April 23 via Indomina Releasing (Luv, Afro Samurai).

Metal Blade Records hit The Rock Father with some exciting news today for fans of KING DIAMOND and VOLBEAT. Fresh from the new VOLBEAT album OUTLAW GENTLEMEN AND SHADY LADIES (Out April 9 - pre-order on iTunes) comes the track entitled, "Room 24". Featuring a rare guest appearance by KING DIAMOND, the song is being offered as a FREE DOWNLOAD right now. The Jacob Hansen mastered version of the song can be downloaded (as a WAV) from this location.

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Two (maybe three?) years ago, I was invited to a small (really small) place in Chicago called the "AAA Warehouse" to check out MARKY RAMONE'S BLITZKRIEG doing a full-blown set of THE RAMONES' greatest hits. This place - which looked like a defunct gas station or something - was one of the most "punk rock" venues I'd ever stepped into - and the show was absolutely insane. While Michale Graves was handling vocals that night, those looking for a dose of BLITZKRIEG in 2013 will have a surprising new voice on the mic... ANDREW W.K.

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The fact that a remake of the EVIL DEAD actually happened makes me glad that I'm not still working in the "horror business" full-time. I imagine that the horror sites have just about hit the overkill level of hype for the flick, which I just watched the trailer for tonight. Not impressed. The original was fun. This doesn't look fun at all. That said, the original score by Roque Baños will be released by La-La Land Records next month, and there's a good chance that it will be better than the film itself. Check out the official announcement, which arrived here at Rock Father HQ earlier this evening...

Growing up, there was a distinctly 80s phenomenon of companies spinning-off a lot of awesome toys from entertainment properties that weren't kid-friendly. In fact, there were quite a few R-rated films that had products readily available for purchase at your local Circus World, KB Toys, Child World, or Toys "R" Us. ALIENS, A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, ROBOCOP... those all come to mind. And then there was RAMBO, marketed by Coleco for "Ages 5 and Up."

100greatestAfter releasing their first 100 GREATEST FILM THEMES collection in 2007, Silva Screen Records followed it up with another 100 in 2010. Now comes 100 GREATEST FILM THEMES - TAKE 3, a fresh batch of important pieces of film music performed by The City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and London Music Works. This six-disc collection arrived on iTunes today, and I've got the full tracklisting posted below.

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