THE WHO are currently rocking audiences across North American and Europe with their Quadrophenia and More Tour, playing their classic 1973 album QUADROPHENIA in its entirety, followed by an encore of their greatest hits.  To celebrate the second leg of their massive North American trek, The Rock Father is giving readers a chance to win copies of the inconic QUADROPHENIA album along with official Tour Posters. Since the album focuses heavily on "Mod Culture," THE WHO have also provided a helpful guide to the 2013 Mod Resurgence...

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I feel that I'm pretty much obligated to share the new video from LOCAL H here on The Rock Father. The reason? LOCAL H actually are local to the area surrounding Rock Father HQ. And this new track, "Another February" spawned a new EP that will be released digitally on February 5th (CD copies will only be available at the merch table on the band’s forthcoming spring tour), and completely describes what it's like to live in the far Northern Suburbs of Chicago during a typical winter. Unlike tonight, which brought with it a thunderstorm and 60 degree heat in late January. Just watch the video...

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No, it's not family-friendly (I say "keep the kids off of it!"), but I know a lot of Daddys and Mommys that slip quietly into solider mode after the kids are tucked into bed for the night. I'm one of 'em, and CALL OF DUTY has long been my franchise of choice. Now that BLACK OPS II has been out for a bit, the first DLC Map Pack has been deployed on XBOX LIVE. CALL OF DUTY: BLACK OPS II REVOLUTION is available today for players on Xbox 360. It might be time to call The Replacer. Yes, the role of The Rock Father may have to be played by Peter Stormare for a little bit.

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You know, since becoming The Rock Father, getting to the movie theater just isn't a regular occurence anymore. I used to be immersed in movies 24/7 (I even used to work on them), but as a work-at-home Dad with a 3-year-old and an infant, I get behind real fast. Case-in-point: SKYFALL, the latest adventure to feature Daniel Craig as JAMES BOND. I love Bond. In fact, I don't think I missed a Bond film in theaters from LICENSE TO KILL (1989) through QUANTUM OF SOLACE (2008). In '09 I became a Dad, and I missed 2012's SKYFALL. Now it's coming home, so I can finally watch it! Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment sent over the full details, and I'm sharing it with you below...

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OTEP - "Hydra" (Album Review)

In one of my past lives as a music writer, I might've spent a great deal of time breaking down the sonic content of HYDRA, the just-released and proclaimed "final album" from OTEP. 2013 certainly brings with it a new era, and one where I'll just cut to the chase and tell you this: HYDRA is not a good album.

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This coming Tuesday, Comedy Central will release CHRIS HARDWICK: MANDROID, as an uncensored and extended CD/DVD/Digital Download. To prep for the release, the network has sent over a trio of preview clips, all of which can be viewed below. Look for James' review of MANDROID to be posted on The Rock Father next week. Until then, check out the preview clips along with the official press release below.

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