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51rqGyulVL. SL100 Regardless of what you might've heard over the past year about bickering, legal troubles, lineup changes, and sheer internet gossip - FEAR FACTORY has returned.

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61O9YiO4vL. SL100 "All hail Jesus Frankenstein" wails Rob Zombie on the opening track of his long-awaited HELLBILLY DELUXE 2: NOBLE JACKALS, PENNY DREADFULS, AND THE SYSTEMATIC DEHUMANIZATION OF COOL, the fourth studio album from the musician-turned-filmmaker, and his first for Roadrunner's Loud & Proud imprint.

Unless your name is Meatloaf, sequels to albums rarely work, and unfortunately HELLBILLY DELUXE 2 is no exception.

51tfKZlTf2L. SL100 When it was announced in early 2009 that Richard Christy had finished working on music for a new project, hard rock fans were intrigued. Long-known for his drumming chops displayed through DEATH, ICED EARTH, and more, Christy had become known recently not for music, but for his gig on THE HOWARD STERN SHOW, along with acting turns in the direct-to-dvd horror flop ALBINO FARM and the sequel to HAROLD & KUMAR. Caught by curiosity, fans were curious to know exactly what type of project Christy had been assembling.
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610KuyUzHiL. SL160 The metalcore and screamo explosion of the early 2000's brought with it an onslaught of bands that disappeared almost as quickly as they arrived. The few innovators that stuck around have done so by means of evolution rather than extinction, a necessity to avoid becoming lost in a sea of sound-a-like bands with similar vibes and inferior songwriting.
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grave046 100'Tis the season for all things spooky, and this Halloween-themed 7-inch from Chicago's Graveface Records is a welcome addition to the seasonal playlist. The debut from The Marshmallow Ghosts (a project featuring members of The Appleseed Cast, Casket Girls, Dreamend, and Black Moth Super Rainbow), this self-titled vinyl release is more soundscape than song, but something worth checking out.

51nscHt7oJL. SL160 With the release of their self-titled major label debut (out now on Virgin), Las Vegas' Adelitas Way brings a storied past into the mainstream psyche.

Formed after frontman Rick DeJesus bounced from Philly to L.A. (for a VH1 show, no less) and to Vegas where he lived in his car for three months, the band takes it's moniker from a Mexican bar where the band sought refuge after being robbed by corrupt cops. Turns out, "Adelitas Bar" was in fact, a brothel.

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