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APOCALYPTICA - 7th SYMPHONY (Advance Review)

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51ZKix1zQ2L. SL500 AA300 There's a part of me that still prefers the oldAPOCALYPTICA, as in the cello-playing quartet of Finnish metallers, whipping their hair around while performing covers of Metallica, Faith No More, and Pantera. That said, the current incarnation of the band still manages to delight, despite carrying a sound that doesn't quite feel like the band I initially came to enjoy - instead blending more into a "symphonic metal" realm as opposed to a unique flavor of organic sounds.

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STREET DOGS - Self-Titled (Advance Review)

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61ShTrGxADL. SL500 AA300 On their self-titled fifth album, Boston's STREET DOGS bring a healthy dose of punk rock fury to the masses without showing the signs of age that many bands display by album number five.

Their second release through Epitaph offshoot HELLCAT RECORDS (due out August 31, 2010) finds the band (fronted by former DROPKICK MURPHYS vocalist MIKE McCOLGAN) working a groove that in other circumstances could be considered "played-out," but here sounds completely fresh.

51MDEoRDSiL. SL500 AA300 Just a year after the release of their acclaimed self-titled debut, STREET SWEEPER SOCIAL CLUB are back with the GHETTO BLASTER EP. The duo consisting of BOOTS RILEY of THE COUP and RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE guitarist TOM MORELLO once again delivers a set of infectious, funk-infused rock that should not be missed. 

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51yybZhudEL. SL160 On their fifth studio album and first from their new home, NORMA JEAN starts to expand upon their metalcore roots for an experience that moves them into a slightly bigger world.

Released by Razor & Tie last month, MERIDIONAL is a vast improvement upon prior releases from the band, which (like many) was at risk of being lost in a sea of similar sounding acts in the metal/noise/scream-core genres. While their songwriting skills were always a slight step above many of their peers, MERIDIONAL sets them farther ahead as they've crafted bigger tunes this time around.

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TOADIES - FEELER (Advance Review)

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61YxwPi5ML. SL160 It's almost wrong to call this an "advance" review, seeing that the bulk of the album was written back in 1997. With leaked versions of unfinished songs floating around the 'net for years, TOADIES will finally see a proper release of their album FEELER via Kirtland Records on August 10th. For those unfamiliar, it's a tale heard time and time again: Band hits big, records sophomore album, label hates it, and onto the shelf it goes. 

Thus was the case with FEELER which was recorded to be a followup to the platinum-selling Interscope release, RUBBERNECK.

ProductofHatecovertwitterNOTE: As of 2011 - James is now managing Product of Hate. This review was written a year prior.

Early last year I headed up to Kenosha, Wisconsin to cover a record release performance from LAZARUS A.D. for their METAL BLADE debut. Beside the show being held in a surprisingly unconventional venue - an elementary school gym - the real surprise came in the form of a couple of the opening acts. DIRGE WITHIN (then simply "Dirge") who has since hit the national radar with an album out on E1, and a band called I FOR AN I.

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